Why HellaFlush and Fatlace Wins

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Earlier this morning I came across a blog post bashing the HellaFlush movement which I found unruly, blatant and filled with ignorance. The post describes the culture as “hella dumb” because HellaFlush cars “aren’t aggressive. They aren’t allowed on self-respecting racetracks, have troubles on the highway, and if your driveway is graded, they’ll park on the street.” I mean come on, really? All right, let’s take that quote and dissect it piece by piece. Let’s see how true that statement holds.

“They aren’t aggressive…”
Now when the poster said “they aren’t aggressive,” was he referring to wheel fitment or the actual car itself? Either way, we as supporters of the HellaFlush movement, know our cars are built on aggressive wheel fitment and the thing is, our cars are still drivable. Also, the poster probably hasn’t seen any of the RWB Porsches. All those cars are extremely aggressive outputting plenty of power and great handling, which brings me to the second part of his quote.

“They aren’t allowed on self-respecting racetracks…”
That’s funny because the other day, Speedhunters featured RWB built cars tearing up Tsukuba Circuit. There were the usual Porsches, a Hachi or two and a Silvia. A couple of things they had in common, aggressive wheel fitment and track ready performance. Moreover, Tsukuba Circuit is a well renowned circuit, so to say HellaFlush cars aren’t allowed on self-respecting racetracks is ignorant.

“have troubles on the highway, and if your driveway is graded, they’ll park on the street.”
And? So we need to drive a little more careful and driveways aren’t our best friends, but it doesn’t phase us. We still can “drive” our cars everywhere. Wherever one goes, there are plenty of HellaFlush supporters and the hate we experience gives us more reason to keep doing our thing. Negativity hasn’t stopped us before and it won’t stop us now. Major props to Fatlace for bringing us a community of individuals who still know how to look good and drive hard at the same time.

Check out Fatlace at fatlace.com.
Photos courtesy of Mike Garrett of Speedhunters and 360VM.


  1. Estria

    July 27, 2010

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    You can measure your fame and success by the number of haters you collect. You doing fine; keep on witchya bad self!


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