Welcome 2013.

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2012 was an interesting one. We’ve witnessed some of the craziest things hit the news, K-pop and Gangnam style is a standard, Dubstep is the music of choice when it comes to commercial advertisements, and we almost had a close call with the end of the world according to the Mayans. But more importantly, 2012 was a huge awakening and change of mindset for Fitted Life. We did things differently. We strayed off the direct path and went ahead and dig us up a new road. We were rebels and we won the hearts of some, but lost those who didn’t quite grasp what we truly were. We changed. We become more real and more upfront about what we do and what we stand for. We amplified our mindset. We challenged the general census. We challenged the world to be more passionate. And with all those things we’ve learned from 2012, we’re ready to put all that energy into 2013. We’re ready for the uncharted lands of our lives. So Happy New Year everyone and thank you all for rocking the mindset. Let’s make 2013 a massive year for success. Cheers to the fitted.

Happy New Year from Fitted Life 2013

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