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When I started this brand back in July 2010, it was just another blog. I’ll be honest, the whole hype of blogging got me hooked. Fitted Life was just a place where I could share my personal opinions, photography, and interest. Little did I know, Fitted Life would be more than just another blog.

Through the months, I reinvented this blog more than any other site I’ve known. I remember some of my closest friends joked about how our logo or site layout changed every month. I couldn’t help it, I was a perfectionist. My pursuit of aesthetics led me to constantly redesigning our space.

In many ways, seeing our site change over the months was a reflection of my growth. For each experience I learned a little more about myself. I learned my capabilities as an individual and I understood the world a little better. I gained a better perspective of life while I saw my failures as a reason to rise stronger. It was then, I saw my true capabilities as a motivational leader.

By the end of this summer, I realized my voice and the direction that I wanted Fitted Life to follow. Every since the beginning of FL, I’ve tossed the idea around about launching this brand as a clothing brand. However, back then I didn’t have the resources to start a clothing company. However, by end of this summer, I was in the perfect mindset to run this company and successfully launch this clothing brand of ours.

In a sea of copies, I’ve relied on a strong set of beliefs to create a unique clothing brand. Fitted Life is a tribute to the traditional old fashioned ways. Our clothing is 100% handmade using traditional screen printing ways. The whole idea of mass producing tees was a bitter taste for me. I wanted to keep the clothing as personal as possible, a gift from me to you.

Keeping the goods 100% handmade, I could oversee the whole production with attention to detail. From the size tags, to the little details lining the bottom of the tee to the actual print, I’ve used the old school ways to provide a vintage feel and fitment. Speaking of fitment, I went straight to a more fitted type of tee fitment. I wanted to push our apparel in a different direction while staying true to fine fitment.

All our resources are sourced locally here in the United States, especially California. Our shirt blanks and screen printing equipment are purchased in California. Each of our tees proudly wear a Made in California and 100% Handmade tag as a tribute to the tradition.

As I close this post, I’d like to offer my insight on the Mechanics of Life, the foundation of this company. It is the idea that we all are mechanics capable of steering our lives in the direction we desire. Just like auto mechanics, we can fix any problem or obstacle that blocks our way to victory. We are a community of individuals ready for anything and ready to fight.

So to all our supporters, thank you for joining us on this crazy journey of ours. Let’s keep on fighting for what we believe in. As a reminder, our first collection drops November 2, 2011. As we get closer to the date, we’ll be releasing even more teaser shots of the line. We’re definitely stoked and ready to push this brand further than ever.


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