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After months and months of preparation, we are proud to release Collection Zero. At first, I wanted to release our line back in September. However, I couldn’t leave out the small details or the finishing touches out. If we were going to drop our first line, we wanted to make sure we presented ourselves accordingly, with that proper mindset.

Our tees are finished with a vintage touch. They are form fitting tees that fit much like your athletic tees. Also, because these tees are printed by hand, they have a different finish compared to a machine finish. In a way, each tee has a unique feel and print, all contributing to our handmade ideals. Some may disagree with the quality of a handmade finish, but I prefer the personal touch even if it makes the tees unique of each other.

Another fascinating detail I included were the sewn on tags located at the bottom of the shirt. These were a last minute addition that really made the tee for me. The concept of “small details, big ideas” were a big part of the mentality we carried, so I made sure we included that ideal with our product.

In a way this is a prelude to an even bigger collection we have under works. Let’s just say Collection Zero is just a sample of things to come. You never know, we might have something up our sleeves this December.


    • Michael Cabuco

      October 31, 2011

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      We don’t send our tees to be made by mass manufacturers who own automated printing presses. These presses can output tons of shirts by the hour, but that wasn’t for us. A majority of clothing brands opt for the “cheaper” alternative by sending out goods to be made in sweatshops overseas and at the same time have tons of shirts produced. However, full scale production takes away the personal touch and exclusivity of the product.

      Fitted Life is all about the personal connection between our brand and our community. So rather than sending out these tees to be made by some other party, we took control of the design process, produced the goods in store in California and gave our products the Fitted Life touch.

      When we say hand printed, what we mean is that we screen print by hand rather than feeding blank shirts through a machine. By producing goods by hand, each tee retains a quality that any machine cannot duplicate, what I call the personal touch.

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