Sparco Keeps It Fitted and Personal

By on May 1, 2013 in MOTOR WORK | 0 comments

Details. Details. Details. It’s all about the details. Get this, my motivation to purchase this Sparco quick release plus hub for my Personal Thunder steering wheel was from Antonio Alvendia of MotorMavens. I guess you could say it’s like, friends remind friends to rock baller parts. lol. And if you know Antonio, he is all about the details and running quality hard-to-get-unless-you-got-the-cash-or-if-you-look-really-really-hard parts. So out went a perfectly good NRG quick release/hub combo and in went a Sparco one. O and that reminds me why Antonio recommended me to get the Sparco unit for the E30. It’s that Sparco flows naturally with a European build and just like a proper wine to a proper meal the Sparco unit paired nicely with the Italian Personal steering wheel. It’s all about the details my friends. Details.


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