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Home is where the heart is. For me, home is California. Whether it be in the Bay Area gliding through San Francisco to Fremont, or cruising through the city sweeps of Los Angeles, California is a familiar place of comfort. I’ve traveled to the east coast and Japan, but I can’t let go of the fact that I find myself driving towards California. It is a place filled with heritage, interesting people, souls of innovation, and a thirst for design like no other. It is a place for people to chase their dreams and find satisfaction in accomplishment. It’s a landmark of some of the greatest and most talented individuals that have helped shape the world around us. I guess, I’m over-hyping this state of mine, but I love my home. And I’m sure, most of you love your home as well. Whether you’re from London, Barcelona, Vancouver, Beijing, Sydney, or Paris, your home is where your heart is. Let’s all kick back, talk about travel stories, and enjoy our last travel typography video featuring one of my favorite places in the world, Los Angeles.

Credits / Gustav Johansson / Niklas Johansson / Albin Holmqvist / Magnus Lidehäll / Camp David

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