S14 Project Build: Over The Years

By on May 15, 2010 in MOTOR WORK | 5 comments

Beginning circa 2006, my S14 project took flight. When I first purchased my S14, it was stock for the most part. Stock suspension, no aftermarket engine upgrades and a stock open diff. The only non-stock part was the aftermarket bumper. I had dreams of turning this car into a track monster with an emphasis on form by function.

As years passed by, I slowly added more parts and changed up the cosmetics. Eventually, my 240 started to take shape and form. I started to see my dream turn into a reality.

It’s 2010 now and I’m satisfied about the progress. I’m finally running D-max coilovers, flush wheel fitment, some minor engine upgrades and a Kaaz 2-way LSD. I’m pretty much done and I’m ready to hit the track.

Recently, I switched up the paint scheme on my 240 and opted for Mazda’s true red color. I think it matches the wheels well. The whole gold on red scheme seems legit. My friend says my car looks like Iron Man now.

Unfortunately, when I hit Thunderhill’s skid pad at the end of the month, I’ll be expecting paint chips. However it’s alright, since the paint job didn’t cost too much. Regardless, I’m excited about the end of the month and I can’t wait to test out 4 years in the making.


  1. Addison S.

    May 16, 2010

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    your car does look like iron man!
    thats should be its new nickname!
    keep that sucka clean bro!
    super nice!

  2. paul keee

    February 24, 2011

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    iv got the same wheels on my skyline, aet’s it off, love your car mate

  3. spragga

    May 9, 2012

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    im about to buy a 240, its red and i’ve always loved the gold rim thing… what kind are those??? how big are they 18 by 9’s?

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