PHOTO WORK // Japanese Car Classic Show 2011 Pt.1: Rain or Shine

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5AM and we finally drive into the streets of Long Beach and a familiar memory strolls through my mind. While I was driving the empty streets I remembered the packed venue of Formula Drift’s Round 1. I remembered chatting with the company of people I used to associate myself with and how ignorant I was back then. However, the streets of Long Beach made me aware of my surroundings and was definitely a great wake up call. More importantly, it made us, Fitted Life, stronger as a company and as a society of individuals standing up for what we believe in. I guess you could say, there’s a reason that we fall in life so we can get back up even stronger. We learn to live better. With the memory starting to fade, we drove around Ocean Blvd. looking for a safe place to crash.

With plenty of time on our hands before JCCS, we drove towards the beach front of Long Beach. At this moment, most of you are thinking, “California, ahh yes, the land of beaches, summer sun, and beautiful women.” Well you got the beaches and women right, but it isn’t all summer fun. We too experience random shitty weather from time to time.

What’s worst about today’s weather was that it was all clouds and sprinkles of rain. I wondered how the JCCS participants would react to the unexpected weather. I mean, from experience, I know that most car show guys hate the rain. Some of these individuals keep a strong “garage kept” mentality and their cars only see daylight when it’s showtime. However, I know our scene better and the people who represent it. I know, the JCCS participants, rain or shine, would deliver a perfect execution. Japanese classic car guys have a lot of class and rain couldn’t kill them.

As 9AM came, everybody finalized the roll in and vendor set up at the Queen Mary. Though the show technically started at 10AM, people were cruising in way before the hour. Even if the vendors were still setting up, the crowd could not wait to view one of the most anticipated events of the year.

The turnout was phenomenal and if memory serves me right, this event had a stronger turnout then last year. Despite the weather’s bad timing, JCCS 2011 brought out the best of the show. Every vintage make and model were represented to the fullest. I was blown back by the quality and I gave Gio, still sleeping in the car, a ring to wake the hell up and join in on the party.

One of the main vendors I was looking forward to seeing was MOONEYES. For those of you unfamiliar with MOONEYES, it is a tuning company that started back in the 50’s specializing in American hot rods. As the years went by, the company branched out to Yokohama, Japan, while tuning vintage American muscle abroad and Japanese classics.

I met up with Goshu san, General Manager of MOONEYES, who flew in from Japan the day before. He was wearing a very cool MOONEYES polo shirt that I had to get a snap of. I had a very good conversation with him while we chatted about Japan and how MOONEYES came about. Before parting ways, I hooked him up with some Fitted Life stickers for remembrance and as a sign of our hospitality.

After parting ways we started scouting. At Fitted Life we like to showcase the dimes. When I say dimes, I’m talking about the cars we consider 10’s. These cars have class, personality, and whole lot of confidence. Likewise, as with everything we do, we’re inspired by machines driven by style.

Datsuns were in full force that day and one that extremely stood out was Miguel’s 260Z. This car is mad clean, slammed, and proper. The native Santa Barbara tuner went to the extent with this build. Rolling on CCW Classics, his 260Z was breaking necks all day at the show. I told Miguel that when we head back into town, we’d definely meetup and do a feature on his ride. You all can count on that.

What do you get when you have a Japanese car maker who has a love for Italian styling? You get the Toyota 2000GT, what I call pure vintage perfection. Clean sleek body lines, a sexy interior, and long elegant curves grace the exterior. It’s so proper, beautiful, and it’s definitely a car you can take home to meet your parents. If I ever win the lotto, this is one car I’m definitely purchasing with a lovely smirk on my face.

One thing I love about JCCS is the spacing. I’ve said this plenty of times, “Clutter kills car shows.” I hate it when cars can’t get their own spotlight and instead have to share a tight spot. Great car shows know how to allocate space and allow the cars to shine on their own. With JCCS, spacing was not problem and allowed many people to show off their ride.

Speaking of space, JCCS had a really great way of setting up the lineups. Make and models were all in their respective place and the coherent display really brought some great photo opportunies for spectators. Likewise it helped people get a proper taste of nostalgia.

Now Mazda was on the top of the list for vendor presentation. Somehow Mazda managed to bring out their RX-792P and 787 race cars. The closest I’ve ever seen these before were in Gran Turismo 4. Lol. But damn, finally seeing these cars in person was a privilege! It was beautiful.

We also convinced them to take off the hoods so we could see the quad rotary motors. Baller I tell you! Details details details! Just looking at the motor one could tell the dedication, work, and passion involved in buildig this beautiful piece of machinery.

One of my favorite parts of the show was the Datsun 1600 section. These convertibles were very classy with their accessories. The vintage luggage and suitcases, the traveler stamps, and the cleanliness of the exterior lines created a snapshot of the past. I also noticed, aside from this group, a lot of other vintage cars were rocking vintage accessories.

Here’s a super neat car straight from one of my favorite states, Washington. I think I’ve seen this car through the online forums and like always, it’s a pleasure seeing this beauty in person. As I mentioned in an earlier post this year, I have this passion for rusted cars. Yea, it’s weird, I know, but something about vintage anything gets me going. I love how rust reveals history and it doesn’t hide time. In a way, the rust adds character to a car.

Placement was also a huge factor in why JCCS was full of win this year. The way they placed the cars and how they complemented one another was an essential factor in presentation. There was plenty of space to roam around, walkways were free of clutter, and the security guards were doing a splendid job keeping the event in proper fashion.

So that wraps up part one of JCCS. We’re halfway through my photo roll and I can’t wait to share them with you all. Until then here’s a teaser shot for our next post. Anyone guess what car dropped by?


  1. Dan Fegent

    September 13, 2011

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    Great write up Mike! That looks like a fantastic show, love the history & the passion that classic cars of any make or model just ooze!
    That was brilliant though and I look forward to part 2!

    Also the intro was fantastic ;)

    • Michael Cabuco

      September 13, 2011

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      thank you! Yea mate the turnout was beyond amazing! I really enjoyed JCCS this year and the people were swell per usual. I can’t wait until I get part 2 sorted out as well!

      • Dan Fegent

        September 16, 2011

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        I look forward to reading Part 2 buddy :) Oh and I can see a pretty tidy looking tshirt in the last picture with the LFA ;) I didn’t spot that the first time I checked out the article :D

        • Michael Cabuco

          September 16, 2011

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          O yea mate! The last shirt you saw was just a promotional shirt, which we’ll be releasing at events and through contest. As for the actual winter collection, now that’ going to be quite the surprise. ;)

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