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Rather than regurgitating my Drifted.com post, this post features a selection of photos and commentary by yours truly, that really made the day. From Virgil Brosseau’s wheel escapade to the fun loving judges being quite the characters, spot all the photos here. Let us all share the memories and revisit Thunder Drift’s Team Tandem Battle.

Meet Mason Delapp, businessman, entrepreneur, and certified cool guy. This guy basically went to all the places that I should have gone too while I was still living in Japan. Check out the photo below. Does that drop look familiar? That my friends is the beloved Irohazaka, famously know for its endless hairpin turns. It was pretty cool to see the drop that all the Initial D video game fanatics aim for.

Another neat thing about Mason is that he is very familiar with the Japanese culture and the language. On his spare time he even translates Japanese auto magazines to English. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s pretty cool for me.

So pretty much for the whole morning until noon-ish the MediaMavens Justin Shreeve and Joe Ayala locked themselves in Joe’s VW. We tried to pry them out, but no go. Almost got Justin to peek his head out, but the cold weather forced him back into hibernation..ohh silly Justin. By the way, did you know Justin can rap? Yea off topic, but I guess it was important because he posted it as a follow up to my Facebook status. Random. Hahaha.

And it gets better. So in the process of getting Joe and Justin out of the car, Andrew Bohan from OMGDrift and I had a little photog duel. Justin, unfortunately, was caught in the crossfire. While he tried to defend himself, he panicked and wasn’t able to shoot a photo back at us!

After our random shindig, we spotted Roy driving this JDM decked out Honda thing-a-ma-bob. Which brings to mind that katakana writing plus rear bumper equals awesomeness.

I finally got a chance to ride shotgun in Geoff Pitts’ epic time attack Honda CRX while he made the announcement for Team Tadem Battle to begin. We were joking about calling it Team Tandem Battle Royale, but it would’ve caused some casualties..so scrap that idea and on our way for practice to begin!

If you follow Mayday Garage’s photography religiously like I do, you’ll notice that they have some amazing lens flare shots. I’ve been trying to figure out the technique, but I haven’t been able to narrow the down the method. Usually you want to shoot the Sun off to the side and just get that musky overexposed look. Well, it was quite bright so I don’t think that would’ve helped. But I managed to score a nice starry Sun look. Cool huh?

There were some noticeable cars that I really fancied that day, one being Julian Jacobs’ S14. Fitment was spot on, ride height was a beast, and camber was dialed perfectly. O o o! And he was swinging his S14 like a savage as well. He even used gutter techniques to get some crazy angle!

And we musn’t forget about Tomasz Olech’s amazing swinging AE86. This car is golden, a certified beast on the Thunderhill track. A neat fact about this little hachi is that it’s actually SR powered rather than the contemporary 4AGE setup.

Usually when I take photos, I try to grab the whole scenery and just think out the composition. Sometimes I get a little carried away, start focusing my thoughts elsewhere, and start noticing other subjects..of course..all for the love of art.

But, no worries, back to the drift action. So I’m pretty sure many of you were waiting for this..Virgil Brosseau’s tire escapade. I grabbed a decent amount of shots while his S13 came skidding to a halt. He had some lug nut problems which caused his front left tire to come loose. I decided to turn the moment into a .gif, though I wish I had more shots! I still need some work in the .gif deparment, but nevertheless here’s my attempt inspired by Larry Chen’s Gymkhana Grid .gif.

As the Sun was setting in the distance, I grabbed a shot of this musky and raw backdrop. Justin called this shot the “end of the world apocalyptic” snap. haha. I couldn’t agree with you any more dude.

So it was about that time when comp really started running. Pictured above are your fantastic judges being awesome as usual. Matt Madrigali and Kiavash Shariloo being quite the characters with Fabian Fernandez just chilling. haha. O and Joe off to the right, just ready to snipe me.

Alright so the shot above is hella blurry, but I want to emphasize how awesome it is to have four cars drifting towards you. What an adrenaline rush. It totally reminded me of those old school Japanese drift vids. Pictured above was Virgil Brosseau, Al Pulido, Tyler Xiong, and Jason Bostrom. These four would go head to head with Team Ryan Kado x Tomasz Olech. 4 against 2? It’s even.

As Ryan and Tomasz came around the bend it looked as if it was a cat and mouse chase game. These guys really know how to lock down their tandems with keeping it close and really nailing the course good. There were also some bumper tapping action as they came around the final turn. But, what’s a drift event without close calls?

After comp ended we all headed to the pits for the judges’ recap and the announcement of Team Tandem Battle winner.

With Ryan and Tomasz’ consistent runs, the drift duo came out to be the overall winner of the event.

I’ll close this post in a similar fashion to how I closed my Drifted post. Same moment, just different picture. I’ll let your imagination dive into what this was all about. haha.

:. Michael Cabuco

For more photos of the event spot them at my Flickr.



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