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One of my memorable motoring events would have to be the Gymkhana Invitational held last year at Irwindale. Though the event was really a “Ken Block” modified event, with loud bangs, explosions, and everything catering to the general public, I still enjoyed the event. With some talk here and there, Thunder Drift decided to host gymkhana events for 2011 season. Today marked TD’s first gymkhana event and for its first go, everyone had a blast.

I usually stroll along to Thunder Hill around noon as my Sunday morning’s are busy. However, I made the hour and a half trip from Sacramento to Willows to witness the usual epicness.

Took the S14 for a spin as I haven’t been driving it around much. It was a bumpy drive, but it settled down when cruising the highway.

I arrived at Thunder Hill while the cars were finishing up the morning run. The turnout was pretty good for a beginning event. Most people aren’t familiar with gymkhana, but I’m sure as the year progresses, we can expect more and more drivers.

While TD held gymkhana there were some full track events going on. I’m not too sure what the event was called, but there were plenty of nice track cars.

Once lunch was over, we headed back to the skid pad to enjoy more gymkhana goodness. Geoff pulled out a comb and well..the photo speaks for itself.

Despite the breezy weather we were all in good spirits. Here goes Josh getting a bear hug from Geoff. When cold, hug a friend.

I headed off to the skid pad’s side to get closer shots. We had a variety of contenders including a Mustang, a Lexus, a 350Z, and even Geoff took his CR-X for spin.

Before I start attempting to name everyone from the event, if I get your name wrong or piece the name to the wrong car, I do apologize! Anyways, Mark came out to the event driving a Lexus ES300..I think. Running the event on a stock setup, he did pretty good, nailed about 20 cones, BUT all for the love of motoring! Later through the event, Mark was running some really clean laps impressing us all.

Ian came out with his E30, doing some great runs! His car looked really clean out on the track too. Dex was having a good go with his Mustang. Unfortunately, my shots came out herra brurry. Sorry dude! Maybe next time. Hopefully, your pics came out nice from today.

Thunder Hill is a pretty interesting place. I usually start exploring the place without notice. If you face the opposite side of the skid pad, you can see some cool places.

I dunno, I wasn’t much of a “countryside” kid, so I don’t know how people enjoy living in the middle of nowhere..I mean literally nowhere. I’m not talking about living in a small populated area, I’m talking about the extreme. See that house above? That’s crazy. I don’t think I’d stay sane living in a house far from civilization. I guess for some, it’s tranquility.

There’s a lot of scrap metal too around Thunder Hill. It’s kind of interesting just thinking about these things. How old are these things? Where did they come from? what is their purpose? I guess I’m over thinking it.

Geoff comes crashing my little meditation and I snap back to reality. I guess I was looking pretty fitted today cause Geoff kept mentioning my GQ presence. Haha. I guess so buddy! By the way, that’s a pretty good way to find an FL crew member. We really don’t wear staff shirts anymore, rather we just keep it clean.

Sharing a 350Z was Josh and Michael. It was nice seeing them both go at it, same car yet different driving styles.

It was nice that we were keeping lap time too. In a way, the competition kept the drivers busy throughout the afternoon.

Some of the cars were out repping the Hope For Japan decals which can be purchased here. All proceeds go out and support Japan. So go for it and join the cause!

So as the event winded down and everyone was satisfied with their run times, Geoff went out to run his time attack CR-X. Love this little bugger.

Overall a great day just kicking it with friends. Can’t wait for the next gymkhana event as we expect more drivers and a more tight knitted course!

:. Michael Cabuco


  1. Geoff

    March 28, 2011

    Post a Reply

    Thanks for the awesome writeup, Mike! Just a tidbit, the giant mass of concrete walls, fences, and scaffolds are from the now-defunct San Jose GP (we’re making good use of them at thunderhill). Also, the giant bridge out there is actually a famous bridge from Infineon Raceway back when it was referred to as Sears Point. Lots of history there!

    Thanks again!


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