PHOTO COVERAGE :: THE-LOWDOWN.com 1st Birthday At Bodyform

By on Mar 31, 2011 in MOTOR WORK | 3 comments

THE-LOWDOWN.com has only came up in the import scene for only a year and from hearing about it in school when it was first established till now, it has dramatically escalated from the point of being one of the many well-known car sites in Sydney. The location for their birthday was at none other than at Bodyform, a workshop that specialise in mainly custom fabrication and body kits. However, they also branch in other modifying areas such as engine work.

This would have to easily be one of the best meetups in a while, even though there were light showers it didn’t stop a strong turnout for the support. Walking around it was great to come together, feel comfortable, and talk friendly to anyone there about what they’ve poured all their money into. The quality of cars there for me stepped up another notch in the modifying scene in Sydney.

One outstanding car that caught my eye and made my heart skip was the dark navy Nissan 200sx S15. From a distance, it looked nice but when coming closer to inspect the car, the attention to detail on it really made everyone come back for a second look. The roof has all been trimmed in carbon fibre, leaving it bare but blending it in with the paintjob, which for me was first ever to lay eyes on. And to top it off sported a wide body-kit enough to keep it looking nice and simple while sitting on Nismo wheels.

Parking being in a horseshow shape reduced the clutter and also provided a happy lap to peek on other people’s cars. Many groups were on display at the meet such as Hookitup, Absolute, JDMST, Extreme motorsports and Coupe De Grace just to name a few.

It was an awesome atmosphere being there. There was no tension between people if others came to check out their car or if we started up chatting with one another. Do you know why? Because everyone was there due to one of many reasons. We are all here living the life of a modifier. We survive through packets of two minute noodles to save for that one rare Jap part, all-nighters on our cars, not go out to save money, and work seven days a week all to find the pursuit of perfection for their car everyone is looking for.

The day couldn’t have ended any better than a full launch from a 600kW Nissan R34 GT-R down a long straight, not once but three times!

Thank you THE-LOWDOWN.com and Bodyform for a day not to forget and hope meetups in future will be exactly like this.

:. Nghia Nguyen



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