Disney’s Frozen Piano Fantasie Suite By Lara

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It’s been close to a week since I’ve seen Disney’s Frozen and the songs and memories are definitely stuck in my head. I just can’t get enough of Frozen and its musical score is definitely one of my favorites. I’ve been humming “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” since this morning and I just can’t quit! It’s highly addicting! I have to thank and applaud the songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez for doing an excellent job on Frozen. Also a huge shout out to Christophe Beck for composing the wonderful musical scores that truly capture what Frozen is all about. For those of you craving Frozen treats, YouTube pianist Lara shares her icy cool Disney side by playing songs from Frozen’s soundtrack. Check out this beautiful medley featuring songs from Disney’s hit movie...

Motorhead Presents Car Maniacs: Life With Le Mans’

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“The reason for us to play around with racing cars? Because it’s exciting. It doesn’t matter however style you want to use it. From racing on tracks to streets, as long as it’s fun. The most important thing is to have fun in our everyday lives.” – Car Maniacs

A Quick But Awesome Stop At Neptune Aquatics

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While I was down in the Bay Area today running some errands, my family and I decided to make a quick stop at Neptune Aquatics in Milpitas, CA. Recently, my dad has reignited his interest in reef/saltwater aquariums, so checking out this bay area saltwater tank specialist shop was a must. My dad heard great reviews of this small local shop, so we were confident that we would stumble upon a pretty cool spot. At the front door we were greeted by this massive reef/fish tank illuminated by L.E.D.s The tank was inspiring and it was loaded with beautiful fish and a variety of coral. As a saltwater veteran myself who entered the hobby before the introduction of L.E.D. tank lighting, this was a really cool sight to see. It was pretty amazing to see this energy-saving technology compare to the power hungry lights that we’ve used in the past. My dad was impressed as well and I’m sure...

Saving Mr. Banks and Styling Disney In the 60′s

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I just left the theaters with bloodshot eyes and tears running down my face after watching Disney’s “Saving Mr. Banks.” My friends, those aren’t tears of sadness, but more like tears of emotional greatness and connection. I’ve watched the film Mary Poppins many times as a child, but to watch Disney’s adaptation of how the film came together was inspiring, fascinating and quite heartwarming. Saving Mr. Banks catered to avid Disney followers by giving us a glimpse of Disney during the 60′s and how it was like with Walt around. There’s plenty of neat and period correct details and it even challenged me to find “out of time” pieces, which I sure could not find! Aside from the beautiful details, the story showed a better side of P.L. Travers and how her background shaped the course of Disney’s adaptation of Mary Poppins....

Daniel Gonzales Shares Art From the World of Frozen

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Call me crazy, but right after watching Disney’s latest animated film “Frozen,” I was highly contemplating purchasing flight tickets to Norway. I was literally blown away and inspired by the magnificence of “Frozen.” From the picturesque storybook village of Arendelle to the wintery beauty of the North Mountain, Frozen’s Norway inspired landscape was a feast for the eyes. I also was very touched by the beauty and personality of all the main characters and how animated they all felt. I literally fell in love with all of the main characters especially Anna and Elsa who were so beautifully drawn. With the perfection of Frozen, I sure do hope that Disney animation retains this type of momentum with their future flicks. To cure my Frozen craving, I stumbled upon some artwork from the world of Frozen shared on Walt Disney animator Daniel Gonzales’...

Track Thursday >> DVBBS & Borgeous – Tsunami (Blasterjaxx Remix)

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For 2014, we are introducing an all new weekly segment called Track Thursday which will feature fresh music from around the globe. We do not limit ourselves on one particular genre, so expect the unexpected! To kick off Track Thursday we present Blasterjaxx’s remix of DVBBS & Borgeous’ track Tsunami. This track has such a heavy beat and its definitely one of my all time favorites. Enjoy!

Medicom Real Action Heroes Presents NGE Evangelion 2.0 EVA-02

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Woah! We’ve been slacking the whole 2013! Sorry about the MASSIVE delay in content on Fitted Life, but no worries, we’ve been working behind the scenes to welcome 2014 with new and impressive content. So to get the ball rolling, we present to you Medicom’s Real Action Heroes EVA-02. This particular EVA is piloted by the fierce Asuka (Shkinami) Langley from the reboot NGE movies series. The EVA is highly detailed and we are overly impressed by Medicom’s attention to detail towards this brilliant mecha. The EVA-02 comes with plenty of goodies and with its numerous articulation points, you can definitely create some pretty cool action shots. The EVA-02 also comes with items such as the angel’s core to recreate iconic scenes from the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime. This particular figure is sold out, but if you’re a die hard NGE fan, check out eBay for...

Stay Fast & Furious Forever Paul Walker

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This morning started like any other morning: I woke up, I pulled my phone out of my phone charger, and I instantly checked my Instagram feed. I noticed my buddy Antonio Alvendia posted a video photo from a car show this morning with a brief cameo of Paul Walker and I immediately told myself, “Damn, that is so cool that Paul just hits up these events and acts like the car fanatics we are.” Little did I know, as he drove away as a passenger from the charity event, that this would be his final drive. We don’t know how long we’ll live or how our lives will play out, but what we can control is how we can impact the world around us. Paul Walker was an integral part of why I got into the car scene. From his blockbuster debut with Fast and Furious, I felt destined to explore the global car culture and find the automotive connection among us all. Rest in peace Paul and...