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Well hello all! What a crazy year we had. 2010 flew by so fast that my pants aren’t even on yet haha. Anyhow, my name is Brandon but most of Washington loves to call me BThai. No argument there, though I never really had a nickname growing up. Plus BThai is actually pretty cool.

Moving on now, I reside in the lovely state of Washington, born and raised! I will always love Washington no matter how crazy the weather is here and how terrible the drivers are. I will gladly put up with that stuff for the amazing atmosphere we have and the breathtaking scenery that exists here that nowhere else has.

Now back to my life, I’m a simple kid with a complex mind, I seem to be laid back very often, but in reality I work hard at the things I love. Things I love include photography and boy do I love it. I’ve always been fascinated with the world of art and how simple looking pieces or photographs can mean a billion things. The first time I picked up a camera was a few years ago when I was able to use the money I saved up from working to buy a Nikon D40. It was just a simple camera that fit my beginner steez.

I used that thing every day and was continuously learning from it. I always loved just changing the settings to see what other outcomes could be created by changing small things like shutter speed or aperture. Now when I first started I was a total noob. I had no idea what shutter speed or f-stop was at all. But that’s the beautiful part about photography and a lot of hobbies/passions anyone has. With things like this, you can learn as you go instead of reading a lame book expecting to become a great photographer because some author said to use this or that setting. It is honestly all about plug and play. If at first it doesn’t work then change it to work for you.

Anyways, I loved my D40 to death, I used that thing for almost 2 years straight until I came to the conclusion that I needed to upgrade. But before I get to that I’ll tell you about how I got into the “scene.” It all started in April of 2010 when I was first able to go to a drift event as a photographer. I’ve gone to drift events before, but as a part of the audience instead of being in the action. I remember the event clearly as it was the first event of the year and it was the invitationals. There I was able to meet a ton of people who were able to propel me deeper into the scene. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. For 4 months, I used my D40 with just a 55-200m F/3.5-5.6 to capture all of the drift events. With that I was able to land a name for myself in the world and it was pretty fun.

By the time Formula D rolled around, I figured I needed a new setup to capture the big event. I sold my D40 a week before the event and sold a ton of miscellaneous things to round up as much money as I could. With the money I made, I obtained a D90 which I absolutely fell in love with and am still in love with. The features that it had were amazing and still never ceases to amaze me. Everyone else was part of the Canon crew so I wanted to be apart from that and stuck with Nikon. Since then, I was able to throw my name out to more and more places to show my abilities. Not only does photography calm my soul and allow me to show my true self, but I was able to meet people that eventually became my best friends.

I love the people I am currently surrounded with and would never give them up for any other. Sure, things get rough and rowdy sometimes, but hey..what kind of world would it be if it was always perfect? That’d be super lame! Some of the guys are super lame though.. :D Zach Dunn with his uber fast Z, always trying to get that thing to hit 200 MPH. Then there was JSwain with his super funny personality and incredibly funny faces he makes. Also ladies he’s also single ;). Oh boy, then we has Drew with his dumb low Miata that may not look much to others, but is filled with his character. Also, we have Paul the super bro with his half bagged dirtythirty that has seen many, many days including the fantastic Stance Of The Union event.

Oh and how can we forget Young Abbitt with his famous STi stylin’ on all kinds of fools. Man, 2010 brought so many great friends! Oh and sorry if I didn’t mention you, I didn’t want to ramble on.. :) Growing up and moving often, I wasn’t able to keep close friends so it’s a great feeling to have friends that genuinely care. Boy, 2010 was filled with its ups and downs but if you asked me, I would go back and do it all again. Now I have to get ready for 2011 which I’m sure will be filled with even bigger and better events, new faces, and much more new experiences. PNW get ready for the New Year!

:. BThai


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