Extended FIRST LOOK at Fast & Furious 6

By on Feb 5, 2013 in MOTOR WORK | 0 comments

The Fast & Furious franchise has improved and gone a long way since the first movie. Yes, I admit it, I was never a part of the whole underground car scene back in the early 90’s (I was still playing with Jurassic Park and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys at that time) and I wasn’t one of those old school guys who had the opportunity to watch Option videos on VHS, but just like the mainstream, my first true exposure to the modified import scene was The Fast & the Furious. As a kid, the neon lights, flashy graphics, and loud rice cans were a cool sight and sound to see. I didn’t have the internet or magazines telling me that that it was “ricey” or “tacky,” so it was all cool to me. But in a way, the Fast & the Furious was the kickstarter to this whole car culture that we embrace today. Though, we wouldn’t get caught with big spoilers or lambo doors anymore, we will never forget our car culture roots, whether embarrassing or not.

This brings me back to Fast & Furious 6, the latest installment of the Fast & Furious franchise which reunites the whole gang once again. We have all the key players from Fast Five and judging from the extended trailer, we’re in for a mega treat. Haters gonna hate, but you have to appreciate how badass Fast & Furious 6 is going to be. Spot the film on May 24 and for more information head over to http://thefastandthefurious.com.

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