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This post is one month overdue and I’m truly sorry we haven’t been updating our blog regularly. I’ve been working day and night on the clothing line and hopefully, in a month or so, it’ll finally grace our stores. With the drop of the new line, we’ll be reopening the store with a nicer look and plenty of treats to keep you motor styling. I hope you’re excited as I am, because finally, for the first time in FL history, we’ll be officially launching our clothing brand. Leading up to the release date, we’ll be posting hints on our Facebook page about the upcoming line. So keep an eye open for it all.

Since we were in the Los Angeles area for JCCS, we had to make a dedicated stop at Orochon Ramen. Located in heart of LA’s Japan Town, Orochon Ramen houses the famous Special #2, the most baddest and hottest ramen on Earth. Well, just because Adam Richman took on the specialty, I for one decided to pansy out and try the softer flavors.

Living in Japan for 4 years, I get finicky when it comes to Japanese food. I can tell you by the first spoonful of a dish if it’s authentic or not. I guess you could say, it’s one of my many talents. lol. I kidd I kidd.

At Orochon Ramen, you have full customization of your ramen bowl. There are three broths to choose from including soy sauce, miso, and salt base. I do love the salt base, but this time around I went for the soy sauce base. After choosing my base, I then proceeded to choose how hot I wanted my ramen. There are 13 levels of spice, from Non-spicy to the Special #2. I went for Osae Orochon to give my ramen a little kick.

While I was waiting, I took some shots of the decor glazing the food spot. One thing that caught my attention were these Orochon Ramen rice bags. Pretty cool no?

I have to add, the waiters were great and the food came just in time to fill up our appetites. I found the texture very reminiscing of my stay in Japan. From the first slurp, it was official, the food was definitely pure Japanese. It had all the essentials I could hope for in a ramen bowl: cha-shu pork slice, green onions, bamboo saute, and bean sprouts.

All in all, this place is fantastic. If any of you make it out to the Los Angeles area, definitely make a trip to Orochon Ramen. Also, don’t be afraid to try out the spicier dishes and when you do, tell us about it!

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