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It’s been a while…my excuse?!? A promotion at work, so it’s a winner for me but it meant I have been super busy getting to grips with the extra work. However it didnt stop me getting a look at Mark Smith’s MK IV Supra.

Freshly shod in Work Mesiter S1’s,specs are Front: 18 x 9.5″ +24, Rear 18 x 11″ +22. They make the car imo.

Now it’s not all about the wheels, Mark’s car started out as a standard N/A Supra.

A transplant was needed so he turned to Checkpoint Garage to introduce the “proper” twin turbo lump into his Supra.

2JZ no shit!! With 345 BHP and minimal engine modifications.

Transcal took car of his interior and Mark went for a super Ferrari red to offset the black exterior.

White dials on the dash make warp speed easy!!

The bodywork on the car is imaculate and has been treated to a lot of subtle changes and tweaks.

Carbon fibre boot lip, gives the illusion of a wingless car but with added awesomeness of carbon!

A carbon diffuser and carbon front lip have been added to keep the carbon balance high.

Blitz Nur Exhaust keeps the peace.

And so with the sun going down, one last snap of what imo is one of the best Supras in the UK right now!

:. Thacko

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