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Autumn is here, the end of the UK show season is pretty much upon us but I’m not going to let all that stop me from getting out there & shooting as many cars as possible.

I did a write up on a European car a while back, a Renault Clio. I found that the car itself wasn’t too popular with a lot of our readers, most likely because it wasn’t overly modified, but I liked the story & that’s why I wrote that one up to share with everyone.

This time however I wanted to make sure I brought you all a European car that stands out among the crowd, something that obviously had a lot of time & effort put into it, where every detail has been decided upon with great thought to achieve the overall result.

So when I saw this Peugeot 106 GTI rolling around my area I knew I had to get some shots of it. This was the car to truly show my American friends an example of what we have over here ;)

This car has been attracting a lot of attention recently. It’s attended various shows this summer & always ended up with a fair few cameras pointing at it. I feel it’s because it mixes a few different styles from various car scenes, and makes it work!

Lowered cars instantly look meaner in most respects & this is no exception especially when those arches are hugging some extremely unique BBS alloys. It’s just perfect in my eyes.

This car is also a living representation of the expression ‘built not bought.’ When the owner Guy got a hold of this car, it was a wreck. The bodywork was a state and the original engine was on its last legs.

So instead of running it till it died, he ripped the guts out & replaced the engine with a 106 GTI 1.6 16v, which for all my American friends produces 120bhp, not bad for a 900kg car. The gearbox to match was also sourced & fitted, which all aided to giving it the much needed pace it demanded for the look he was going for.

Guy has been slowly fixing the bodywork up to his own personal standard, & with the state of the original bonnet beyond repair he decided to go down with what is one of the most obvious styling choices on this car, a few chalk pens and some willing friends later gave him the result you see here.

Once the bodywork was sorted to his own standard, the car then saw a hefty drop and the BBS alloys were sourced, customized to be a wider wheel and painted the stunning purple you can see here.

The result speaks for itself and is a credit to Guy’s attention to detail. He’s pretty happy with its overall look now, but he has told me that the bonnet will be changed soon so as to fit with the newly gloss painted bump strips, which should result with a very clean looking car. As much as we like to think we’re done when modifying a car, it never truly stops once we’ve started.

It’s definitely come a long way since its beginning, in a relatively short space of time, but it’s a one off now & that means it was completely worth it!

I hope this can give you all a better insight into what is around this side of the Atlantic :)


  1. Jaryl Cabuco

    October 27, 2011

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    This really is a treat for us in the US. We don’t even have this car here hahah! This is incredibly clean and it really shows the simplicity and class the driver has. Great work Dan! Swag.

    • Dan Fegent

      October 27, 2011

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      Thank you Jaryl, very happy you enjoyed the write up & pics :) yeah it really is an awesome car & It was a pleasure for me to shoot :D Appreciate the feedback buddy as always!

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