DETAILS :: Matt’s Civic SiR: Offensively Loud? Please!

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It’s a cloudy day here in the UK, not so different from the norm really at this time of year. Everything sort of blends into one on days like these. Everyone busy doing their 9-5 on auto pilot with little attention paid to anything other than the task at hand. But among all this something does grab your attention. It makes you give a second glance, you’re curious, and you’re wondering what exactly just went past..what really did you see?

It didn’t make you look because it’s offensively loud or that it was being driven badly, but simply because it looked absolutely stunning and purposeful as it’s gleaming paintwork caught your eyes. Your ears awaken as a 4-1 manifold soundtrack rumbles your ear drums.

Meet Matt, the proud owner of this stand out car of generic moving boxes. Matt is a huge fan of anything Honda and is a real petrol head. His 15 year old Honda Civic SiR speaks for itself and shows off how truly committed he is to the Japanese car scene.

This car could very well have come straight off the boat from Japan yesterday, and you would be most certainly excused for thinking this was so, seeing it wearing its Enkei two piece split alloy wheels with almost perfect fitment in the Civic’s arches. Also we mustn’t forget the plethora of JDM body parts mixed with rare items off the Honda parts list.

It’s had a few changes to its exterior during its life. At the front you’re looking at a Civic Coupe front bumper, which has been perfectly matched with a genuine SiR front lip. With the help of EK9 Type R front lights and JDM fog lights this all comes together to give the front end an aggressive and different look to the norm.

It doesn’t stop at the front though, as the rear spoiler tilt is just as subtle and striking. At the same time you also have a set of Civic facelift rear lights which gives this car a younger appearance for its age.

Inside the car is also no exception to the proof of its excellent up keep throughout its life. In the back you will find an Integra Type R DC2 rear bench with its gorgeous red stitching only making the extra special front seats stand out even more. The front seats are Honda Civic Type R EP3 Anniversary edition Recaros, with their excellent hugging form matched with the Sparco harnesses. It allows you to feel secure even on the most trying twisty back roads, whilst the gear changes are felt as a swift and solid decision thanks to the Skunk2 Heavyweighted billet gearknob that slots into position firmly. This is all followed by a gasp of air filtered by the HKS panel filter and ending with the roar of the Tanabe exhaust. Was that VTEC we just heard? No…merely a tease into its huge rev range, but still pure awesome to behold.

The truth is this beauty arrived here in the UK in 2008, and as with many cars such as this, it has been owned by enthusiasts and cared for with no expense spared since its arrival. Matt is obviously no exception to this statement either and I have no doubt that he will look after this stunning classic JDM machine for many many years to come.

:. Dan Fegent



  1. Matt Harvey

    February 24, 2011

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    Sweet write up dan! Fun to read :)

    Thanks to fittedlife for posting it up!

  2. Jaryl Cabuco

    February 24, 2011

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    I love this Civic Matt, because it’s so simple and clean. Absolutely CLEAN. It isn’t like the Civics here in the states because the ones here are sometimes just over done and it’s an eyesore. BUT THIS defines what a Civic is supposed to be. Beautiful.

  3. paul keee

    February 24, 2011

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    wow love this car so nice to see a Civic that is not over done, love the pics and right up to :)


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