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When I received a text message with just a picture of a freshly rebuilt set of BBS RS,’ I knew this was going to be special.

Many times people get hung up on adding and adding different things here and there, but for this Subaru RX, it was bottom line about making it as simple and clean as possible. For this piece, it meant adding nothing. The only body mods this Subie has undertaken is the removal of the front grill, some colour coding (still puzzles me why manufacturers continue to do this, but that’s for another time!) to the body and of course a little bit of guard love to help both the fitment and stance of this Albino.

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Alex knew exactly the look he wanted from the time he bought the car and this was white on white. Originally it was rolling slammed on white Rotas, which are taking the world by storm, but these were becoming all too common practice. It was time to step the game up and bring on something that had not been seen on our distant shores.

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The road markers dividing every road on the coasts and suburbs come under threat with the drop of the Racing Logic Coils and custom spring setup. The BBS set in at 17×8 in the front and 17×9 in the rears with an originally conservative offset of +35 & +40. But we all know being fitted is what sets this car apart from the next. 25mm adapters stepping out on all corners were used to shave the tyre’s sidewall with every drive.

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There really isn’t much more to say, but like a fine piece of art, it certainly speaks for itself. This RX has set a new boundary on this massive island and time will tell who is willing to match the albino.

:. Byron Hayes

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