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The funny thing about this Honda has nothing to do about the car (of course it does!), it’s the driver. Why? Because the feature on this Black Beauty stumbled upon a Craigslist ad. That’s right a Craigslist ad and by that I don’t mean we put up an ad to see who gets featured on FL, it all happened by fate.

A few weeks ago I put up a local ad to sell a telephoto lens I used during Formula Drift Round One coverage back in April and it so happened that the driver, Noel F. answered my ad. Little did I know what he rolled up in was this! I was pretty excited in shooting his car at the Starbucks parking lot we agreed to meet at. After snapping some quick shots I had to send these to Michael. Within seconds Michael texted back, “Can we feature it?”

A little while later I got in contact with Noel again and asked him if he wanted to be featured on FL. Right away I knew this car was to be a great feature and I had the opportunity to do a quick interview with him during the shoot:

What car did you own previously before this?
Honda S2000. People always wonder why I went from an S2K to a prelude haha. And before the S2000, a 91 E30 BMW.

Any particular reason why you chose a Honda Prelude?
I always wanted a Prelude since high school. I just love the lines on it, though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea..because it’s so unique. Such a breath of fresh air from the typical Integras, Civics (no hate!). Due to the lack of considerable aftermarket support, it’s more of a challenge to mod and a challenge to make it stand out from the others. But when done right, the BB6 is definitely a head turner.

What is the current set up on your car right now?
AEM CAI Intake
Apex WSII Cat-Back Exhaust
Auto to 5 speed manual swap

Shaved Wings West front lip
Mugen Replica side skirts
Mugen Replica rear valences
Shaved USDM front bumper (To replicate JDM bumper)
JDM fenders/sidemarkers
Custom rear roof spoiler
Seibon Carbon Fiber OEM style hood
6k HID headlights
6k HID JDM fog lights
LED turn signals/ reverse lights/ license plate
Pulled fender/shaved bumper work

OEM optional black leather interior
PROPER+ teal bubble shift knob with custom adapter
5 panel Wink Mirror

Suspension/Stiff Stuff:
Skunk2 sleeves with Koni Yellow fully adjustable shocks. (In the middle of a new suspension setup)
Rear lower tie bar
Neuspeed front tower strut bar

And what wheels are you currently sitting on right now and the offset you chose?
Enkei RPF1’s
Front: 17×9.5 +18, 215/40/17 Sunnys
Rear: 17×10 +18, 235/40/17 Nankang NS-1’s

Anything for the future?
New suspension, new paint, I.C.E, and more interior pieces. Possibly a new wheel setup OR totally different car altogether..

Any final words for us and the readers?
Build your car how YOU want to. I’ve been building my car to reflect my personality (i was rocking hot pink wheels, teal bubble shift knob lol) and just having fun with it. Don’t care about what other people think. There will always be haters. I think that when you build your car how YOU want to, the build will turn out that much better. It’ll show your personality and who you are as a person. BUT that doesn’t mean to cut corners. Build it how you want, but in a quality way. But remember, to just live life and have fun! – Noel

I was pretty blown away not expecting something like this through Craigslist, turns out we knew the same people as well, small world ain’t it?

Thank you Noel, for this great opportunity. Your car is fresh! See you on the road man!

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    Ask Noel for pics of his car on cranberry Volks. HOT LIKE MONKEY SEX. Great guy and that BB6 is one of my inspirations.

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