Chasing Classics At JCCS 2013

Here at Fitted Life, we look forward to the tradition of attending the annual Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach, CA. The classic car showdown is a personal favorite of mine and it proves to be a constant source of inspiration for all types of automotive enthusiast.




I’m a firm believer that as a photographer, your photo roll is an amplification of your interest. My photo roll reminded me of my passion for Toyota and Datsun classics.




A major contributor to why I like classic Japanese cars is that they empower clean and detailed body lines. As we look towards the early days of the Japanese automotive market, we notice a trend yet pride in creating cars that exemplify the spirit of aesthetics. The Japanese market took a 50′s styling approach and revolutionized it well through the 70′s. The 80′s were a toss up when it came to style and don’t get me wrong, I love the AE86s of the 80′s, but what went missing was the desire for proper design.




Then again, the 80′s was also a time when the laws were not in favor of the automotive industry. We saw the rise of stricter smog regulations and a hard push towards going green. With pressures escalating from the competitive market, I believe most manufacturers were more worried about trying to make their cars street legal and affordable than focusing on product design and development.




However, I believe this is where creativity was required in the 90′s. For the next 20 years leading up to present day, I’ve noticed a revival in creating beautiful cars. Smog is no joke, but technology is no joke either. The rise of more advanced and cleaner automotive systems enables manufacturers to return to their roots of form, fit, and function.




The classic cars of yesterday plays a critical role in where we are today. The annual JCCS event reminds us of how much we’ve accomplished throughout the years and inspires creativity for the automotive designers of today. I’m grateful that I could participate in this excellent showcase of Japanese car culture history. Let us all keep chasing classic cars while they inspire us to move forward.





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