Welcome to the Family STi

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Back in 2006, I fell in love with the Subaru Impreza WRX STi. It was my dream car, but it was also out of my price range especially since I just started college that year at UC Davis. Though I didn’t have the money at that time, I promised myself that one day I would purchase an STi when I finally had the budget for one. Of course, I couldn’t let that promise go unfulfilled. Last month I came across this solid deal on Craigslist for a 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi, the exact model I fell in love with back in 2006. It was an opportune time since I was looking for a more reliable car than the project E30 that I had. As most car enthusiast know, old cars come with great and extensive responsibility so the STi was a perfect daily driver replacement for the E30. Within one week I made a deal with the seller and just like that I bought a new car. The Subaru Impreza WRX STi was also...

Motorhead Presents Car Maniacs: Life With Le Mans’

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“The reason for us to play around with racing cars? Because it’s exciting. It doesn’t matter however style you want to use it. From racing on tracks to streets, as long as it’s fun. The most important thing is to have fun in our everyday lives.” – Car Maniacs

Stay Fast & Furious Forever Paul Walker

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This morning started like any other morning: I woke up, I pulled my phone out of my phone charger, and I instantly checked my Instagram feed. I noticed my buddy Antonio Alvendia posted a video photo from a car show this morning with a brief cameo of Paul Walker and I immediately told myself, “Damn, that is so cool that Paul just hits up these events and acts like the car fanatics we are.” Little did I know, as he drove away as a passenger from the charity event, that this would be his final drive. We don’t know how long we’ll live or how our lives will play out, but what we can control is how we can impact the world around us. Paul Walker was an integral part of why I got into the car scene. From his blockbuster debut with Fast and Furious, I felt destined to explore the global car culture and find the automotive connection among us all. Rest in peace Paul and...

Petrolified Takes Wheels Back To Memory Lane

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Petrolified, a fresh and upcoming brand focusing on motor work inspired art, serves up a proper dish of nostalgic wheels with their The Wall of Wheels poster. The A2 (594 mm x 420 mm) format poster showcases a variety of wheels from the past, still widely popular among many Japanese car enthusiast. It’s quite a beautiful selection and I would definitely buy some of these wheel sets if I had the cars to go along with them. Petrolified may be a new brand, but it’s definitely one to keep an eye on. Check out the rest of Petrolified’s print available at their Etsy online storefront. We’re definitely looking forward to the epicness that they come up with...

Blow Off Some Pressure With Tial’s Q BOV & MV-R Wastegate

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A few weeks ago, I teased you guys and gals with some shots of the GT3076R turbocharger and the Full-Race twin scroll manifold that will be going on the S14. Today, I’ll be sharing with you all the TiAL Q BOV and MV-R wastegate that we purchased from Full-Race as well. The TiAL Q BOV proves to be an excellent tuner choice as it’s a very robust and modular design. Labeled “Q,” it is the next revision of the original TiAL BOV line. The Q BOV also features a mounting base that can be fitted to any standard TiAL flange for ease of upgrade or installation. The Q BOV comes with spring rates ranging from -2 psi to -12 psi applicable for a variety of boost applications. To enhance its lightweight design, the Q’s internals and housing is CNC manufactured from 6061 aluminum. Lastly, to add a little eye candy to the engine bay, the TiAL Q BOV comes in a variety of...

Animal Style At All Star Bash 2013

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With the help of Norcal’s very own Animal Style, this year’s All Star Bash brought out the animal style in everyone. With their aggressive, yet impressive driving style, these guys know how to put a show on. Brandon Kado went behind the lens to film this spectacular moment in drifting history. Check out the team smoking up the night in the video below!