Space Pirate Captain Harlock Sails Forward On Netflix

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Space Pirate Captain Harlock, based on Leiji Matsumoto’s manga adaptation of Captain Harlock, landed on Netflix’s shores last Friday on August 1st. The CG anime film produced by Toei Animation tells the tale of a mysterious space pirate named Captain Harlock who travels space on a quest for freedom and a chance to return home to Earth. While Captain Harlock gets closer to his goals, he comes closer to face his darker demons and begins to question whether his motives are worth the battle. Praised by Avatar director James Cameron, Space Pirate Captain Harlock creates a beautiful and visually stunning landscape that any art fanatic can appreciate. Based in a fully CG environment, Space Pirate Captain Harlock drives Japanese animation forward into a new style of presentation while retaining the art’s fundamental characteristics. With the capabilities of CG, the characters...

Disney x Marvel Releases Teaser Trailer For Big Hero 6

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Disney x Marvel’s Big Hero 6 animated film has released a new teaser trailer for us to savor. I wasn’t too familiar with the Big Hero 6 comics, but after seeing the teaser trailer, I’m quite excited for what Disney will come up with. In addition, Disney has moved forward to keep Big Hero 6 separated from the Marvel cinematic universe, which seems like a no brainer, since the live-action Marvel films can stand on their own. With the success of Disney’s Frozen, I think we can expect a solid serving of Disney animated magic. Plus, who doesn’t love a “huggable” robot named Baymax.

Daniel Gonzales Shares Art From the World of Frozen

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Call me crazy, but right after watching Disney’s latest animated film “Frozen,” I was highly contemplating purchasing flight tickets to Norway. I was literally blown away and inspired by the magnificence of “Frozen.” From the picturesque storybook village of Arendelle to the wintery beauty of the North Mountain, Frozen’s Norway inspired landscape was a feast for the eyes. I also was very touched by the beauty and personality of all the main characters and how animated they all felt. I literally fell in love with all of the main characters especially Anna and Elsa who were so beautifully drawn. With the perfection of Frozen, I sure do hope that Disney animation retains this type of momentum with their future flicks. To cure my Frozen craving, I stumbled upon some artwork from the world of Frozen shared on Walt Disney animator Daniel Gonzales’...

Medicom Real Action Heroes Presents NGE Evangelion 2.0 EVA-02

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Woah! We’ve been slacking the whole 2013! Sorry about the MASSIVE delay in content on Fitted Life, but no worries, we’ve been working behind the scenes to welcome 2014 with new and impressive content. So to get the ball rolling, we present to you Medicom’s Real Action Heroes EVA-02. This particular EVA is piloted by the fierce Asuka (Shkinami) Langley from the reboot NGE movies series. The EVA is highly detailed and we are overly impressed by Medicom’s attention to detail towards this brilliant mecha. The EVA-02 comes with plenty of goodies and with its numerous articulation points, you can definitely create some pretty cool action shots. The EVA-02 also comes with items such as the angel’s core to recreate iconic scenes from the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime. This particular figure is sold out, but if you’re a die hard NGE fan, check out eBay for...

Petrolified Takes Wheels Back To Memory Lane

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Petrolified, a fresh and upcoming brand focusing on motor work inspired art, serves up a proper dish of nostalgic wheels with their The Wall of Wheels poster. The A2 (594 mm x 420 mm) format poster showcases a variety of wheels from the past, still widely popular among many Japanese car enthusiast. It’s quite a beautiful selection and I would definitely buy some of these wheel sets if I had the cars to go along with them. Petrolified may be a new brand, but it’s definitely one to keep an eye on. Check out the rest of Petrolified’s print available at their Etsy online storefront. We’re definitely looking forward to the epicness that they come up with...

Project SFRR-800, PART 1: Blueprinting to the Madness of Prop Making

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For the past couple of months, I’ve been reigniting Fitted Life with the idea of flexing one’s creativity. I truly believe that Fitted Life is a hub of inspiration for creative individuals and the rebranding of Fitted Life reflects that mentality. So with that goal in mind, I’d like to keep this place of ours flowing with creative ideas from every angle including our latest in-house project the SFRR-800. The SFRR-800 is an evolutionary piece of a project that I started a few weeks ago. I first started off with the idea of making a Neon Genesis Evangelion inspired long range rifle which I labeled as the SLRR-008 aka SLURR HACHI. The SLURR HACHI would be a futuristic concept with modern blood. I didn’t want to go too sci-fi, but I also didn’t want it to look like a direct copy of any modern type of rifle. In essence, the SLURR HACHI was a happy balance...