Cars Land Revs Up Blue Sky Cellar At California Adventure

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Blue Sky Cellar is one of those low-key attractions that can easily be overlooked amidst the bigger popular attractions in California Adventure. It is a humble little room filled with creativity, development, inspiration, and imagination. At Blue Sky Cellar, one can get a chance to take a look at upcoming attractions and it also offers an exclusive behind the scenes look at the current and upcoming attractions at Disneyland and California Adventure.

California Adventure's Blue Sky Cellar presents Cars Land

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to stop by Blue Sky Cellar and check out a behind the scenes look of the development of Cars Land. I found myself centered around so much inspiration from the Imagineers, the people behind turning the Disney dream into a reality. The walls of Blue Sky Cellar were decorated by notes, storyboard drafts, art prints, and snapshots of the imagineers at work. From the pencil drawings to the miniature scale layout of Cars Land, Blue Sky Cellar was ticking with inspiration.

California Adventure's Blue Sky Cellar presents Cars Land

For those of you unfamiliar with Pixar’s Cars, Cars Land at California Adventure is based off Radiator Springs, the main setting of Cars, located along the famous Route 66. The humble town of Radiator Springs is decorated by nostalgia featuring car-inspired stores and restaurants such as Luigi’s Casa Della Tires and Flo’s V8 Cafe. Each ornament decorates a lively past which is accurately captured by California Adventure’s Cars Land. At Cars Land, you get to see Luigi’s Casa Della Tires in full operation and his shop is identical to the one depicted in the film. I was extremely impressed at how accurate the team at Disney rendered the real version of Radiator Springs.

California Adventure's Blue Sky Cellar presents Cars Land

Of course, Cars Land wouldn’t be complete without driving through the iconic race track and roads of Radiator Springs in the adrenaline filled ride “Radiator Springs Racers.” At Blue Sky Cellar, there was a miniature scale layout of the ride that showed an overview of the track layout and the environment details. It was so cool to see the thought process behind the ride and to see how the miniature sized demo scale up to the life size model. No pun intended!

California Adventure's Blue Sky Cellar presents Cars Land

After leaving Blue Sky Cellar I reflected on Walt Disney’s legacy and how his work has impacted my life. At an early age, the movies and mindset founded upon Walt Disney taught me that we can dream at any age and pursue our greatest desires. He inspired me to be more successful in life, to do more of what I love, and to continuously inspire others through sharing my talent with others.

California Adventure's Blue Sky Cellar presents Cars Land

As the great Walt Disney said, “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Dream big and keep moving forward.

California Adventure's Blue Sky Cellar presents Cars Land

If you ever get a chance to swing by California Adventure, be sure to check out Blue Sky Cellar for an exclusive look behind the magic. Get inspired!

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