Behind the Block LEGO Palace Cinema with Designer Astrid

By on Feb 4, 2013 in ART & DESIGN | 0 comments

At an early age, I was very fond of LEGOs and I’ve had my fair share of pain from stepping on LEGOs as well. I have no clue where all my old LEGO sets went as they probably were sold during a garage sale in my youth, but the memories I had with them will never be forgotten. They were the perfect toy for a kid with a big imagination. They were also the perfect learning tool because they taught you the importance of following directions. Fast forward to present day, LEGOs are still kicking stronger than ever. While the other toy brands of my youth have slightly vanished from the toy scene, LEGOs are a dominant brand in the toy market.

While browsing through some of my favorite toy blogs, I ran across this really cool behind the scenes video with LEGO designer Astrid. The video detail LEGO’s modular building Palace Cinema while Astrid elaborates on the design process. It’s such a fascinating process and I’m highly impressed on the detail of these LEGO modular buildings. The way LEGO nailed down the detail of the roofing and the interior is quite impressive! Check out the behind the scenes video below.

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