Against the Current Print For Chrissy Costanza

By on Mar 4, 2013 in ART & DESIGN | 0 comments

A big part of why I started Fitted Life was to share my talent in art and photography. I shoot primarily for fun and it has been awhile since I’ve shot photography professionally. On the art side, I primarily do the designs for Fitted Life, but when I have free time, I tend to make shareable art. Better yet, I try to make art pieces for friends and people that inspire me.

A month ago I did a fun handmade print for Chrissy Costanza of Against the Current. The whole piece was illustrated with Copic Markers and was complete within 2 weeks. This print was challenging, but once I finished it, I felt quite happy about how it turned out. Hopefully you’re enjoying your print Chrissy and keep up with the music!

Chrissy Costanza Poster Against the Current

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