A Gentleman’s Cut At Pappy’s Barber Shop

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Designers + Barbers are more similar than you think. Pappy’s Barber started its roots 13 years ago as a body-piercing parlor based in San Diego. Marc is the owner of Pappy’s Barber/Propaganda Tattoo, but what drives him? What inspires him? Marc “Pappy” Bennett is one of the few if not the only traditional barber who embraces the feel and experience of how True Gentleman’s Haircut should be. A key part of Marc’s success is living a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. With a clear mind his goals were set and paved for him with full motivation and self-inspiration by keeping his mind right. “Extraordinary lives come from extraordinary mindsets.” Marc says. If your mind is clouded with substances how can you strive on your business yet alone progress to get where you really want to be. A Positive mindset and drug-alcohol free life is what drives Marc’s lifestyle to push forward his growing clothing brand Posi Machine Apparel. His brand’s lifestyle pushes forward those vary ideals on top of fulfilling the positive vibes in which Ftted Life and Posimachine are very similar on.

San Diego's Premiere Barber Shop Pappy's Barber Shop

“Living a positive lifestyle with a great mindset can really change your life, you don’t have to hate everything or be negative…” Marc says. How can you influence yourself and others by being negative when you can easily turn negative energy to positive? Trust me in my own experience it’s easier than you think it is. I was at a point in myself where I dug myself a hole, and after a year of building my own strength, I pulled myself up. Have goals, motivate yourself, take a walk, go to art shows, talk to strangers, be inspired. Be your own motivator. Marc is one the realest person I’ve ever met; he’s a true contributor within the community, “… some people tell me I’m too generous…” Marc adds. There’s no such thing as being too generous, continue doing what you love; love what you do.

San Diego's Premiere Barber Shop Pappy's Barber Shop

We both believe in quality: quality at its finest and attention to detail. It’s the similarity to designers and barbers. Think about it, it makes sense right? You want to invest your time and money into quality products, spend your hard earned money to wait in line to get a limited print tee from your favorite brand; you want to invest your time and money into a barber who can cut your hair exactly the way you want it. It’s a true motivator to wear and support a brand that vibes the same lifestyle not only on your chest but your hairstyle as well [if you catch my drift]. Thank you Marc, It’s been real and I hope you all vibe where I’m coming from with this one on one conversation between gentlemen. Cheers all.

San Diego's Premiere Barber Shop Pappy's Barber Shop

Be sure to check out Pappy’s Barber Shop whenever you’re in the San Diego area and check out his positive inspired clothing brand Posi Machine Apparel.

San Diego's Premiere Barber Shop Pappy's Barber Shop

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