A Formal Introduction to the Fitted Life BMW E30

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Back when I was just a kid, my dad exposed me to a plethora of cars. His constant pursuit of cars that he wish he had in the past, led our family, with emphasis on dad, to acquire many car treasures that have stacked up one by one at our house. As with multiple projects, there are cars that have become unfinished while priority builds take over the moment. Then slowly, but surely, the motivation withers and then those project cars sit for years to come. This was what happened to a special car that my father had picked up back in 1996, an iconic German car made by an iconic manufacturer, a 1986 BMW E30 325es.

As a kid, I remembered when the E30 was still running strong and proud. It was our Sunday car to drive to church with. The car was quick, stylish, and ahead of its time. Of course, as a child, these details didn’t necessarily come to mind, but what I do remember was that it was an enjoyable car to be in. Its presence would be one that I would shortly fall in love with.

As the years progressed and we were forced to place the car in storage due to my father’s job relocation status to Misawa, Japan. The BMW E30 sat hidden until we came to back the United States. Once we got back to California in 2005, we found it had developed problems such as the transmission giving up, AC compressor going bad, and sensors that went wacko. At that point in time we couldn’t afford to spend the money to get it fixed, so it sat at a local auto hobby shop gathering dust.

However in late 2012, the auto hobby shop that we left the bimmer with called us up and asked us if we were still going to fix it. We went ahead and decided to get the E30 fixed and after a week in the repair shop, the E30 was breathing again, not 100%, but just enough to spark up a family conversation of new ownership.

As most of you know, I’ve been working on a Nissan S14 since high school and pretty much that is the only car I’ve truly owned. So out of the blue, my parents pitched me the idea of passing down the BMW to me. I was truly grateful and I was extremely stoked about the opportunity. We did have a bit of misunderstanding when I mentioned how I was going to slam it to the ground and put some crazy ass wide wheels, but then it dawn on me, while I was rebuilding the S14, that I knew what I really wanted to do with the E30. I wanted to make the E30 a dependable and reliable car that looked good and could be driven hard. When I pitched the idea to my dad, he was still a bit hesitant, but eventually he gave in and told me to finish what he started. With his blessings, I went straight to work.

So here it is in stock form and I will leave you all with the suspense. At the moment, I’m currently working on a variety of pieces for the E30 that will give her a proper life, worthy of BMW descent. Stay tuned and for realtime updates, follow me on Instagram at @fitedlife and on Twitter at @fittedlife. Keep quality in tune.

Fitted Life BMW E30 Project Car

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