Fitted Life Project S14 Relaunches With KW Variant 3 Coilover System

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Competition. It’s a driving passion and a motivational input that keeps us moving forward to do better. I love competition and that’s why I seek out the best things in life. I work hard, I compete, and I motivate myself to reach forward and grab excellence by the hand and rejoice within its glory. That’s the fighting spirit and that’s where life counts. Last time we checked in with the project S14, it was pretty much somewhat finished. It was equipped with D-MAX coilovers, HKS catback exhaust, interior details such as the classic Nardi 330mm wood grain steering wheel and accompanying Nardi shift knob, and other light performance mods. I wasn’t too comfortable with doing motor swaps since I lived in California and it would’ve been a huge hassle because I didn’t have the space. I felt this was pretty much it and I really needed to stay focused on...

Against the Current Print For Chrissy Costanza

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A big part of why I started Fitted Life was to share my talent in art and photography. I shoot primarily for fun and it has been awhile since I’ve shot photography professionally. On the art side, I primarily do the designs for Fitted Life, but when I have free time, I tend to make shareable art. Better yet, I try to make art pieces for friends and people that inspire me. A month ago I did a fun handmade print for Chrissy Costanza of Against the Current. The whole piece was illustrated with Copic Markers and was complete within 2 weeks. This print was challenging, but once I finished it, I felt quite happy about how it turned out. Hopefully you’re enjoying your print Chrissy and keep up with the...

Driving Passion Forward With MQQNEYES

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For the past month or so I’ve been crammed with life’s responsibilities. I’ve been busy and I’ve been out of touch with my brand Fitted Life. Our Facebook page has gone light and I haven’t been able to finish the whole Spring release which should be debuting next month in March. Life got busy and I didn’t know how to deal with it. It was like trying to jump into something that you haven’t done for years. It was that uneasy feeling of fear that held me back in doing more for Fitted Life. I just didn’t know what to do. Yet, as time passed, I experienced and met many influential individuals that spoke with truth, love, and passion. It was something that I relearned at my last visit to Socal’s finest speed shop MOONEYES. Established back in the 50’s, Mooneyes carried a humble story of one car guy named Dean Moon, whose passion for...