Less Talk More Work

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It’s sad to see people who were so ambitious about their dreams end up in a job they hate. They were the type of people who could talk all day about their passion. However, when the doubts kicked in, they lost their confidence to press forward. They forgot that spark that made them feel alive. When it came to running Fitted Life, I had to put that negative mentality aside and just do the work and pursue my dreams. I really didn’t know if I would be successful or whether at the end of the day I would’ve just wasted my time, but I ignored those doubts and I kept pressing forward. Instead of focusing on the negative energy, I put in the work and I pressed forward with the positive energy. I also didn’t care if my work schedule got hectic and busier. It was less talk and more designing, creating, and fulfilling my passion. So if you have a goal in life that has yet...

Autumn Is Just Around the Corner

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Soichiro Honda once said that, “success represents the 1% of your work which results from the 99% that is called failure.” It seems like a crazy way of looking at success, but from our fair share of failure turned success, we acknowledge Mr. Honda’s mentality. He wasn’t crazy, he was right. Just like Mr. Honda, we experienced those failures first hand, but from those mistakes we gained knowledge that even literature couldn’t account for. It was through those experiences we learned more about ourselves, our brand, and what worked best for us. We started to see details that we overlooked and concepts that needed more fine tuning. We started to design with more heart and soul and the artwork began to reflect our personalities and our brand way better. We found our voice and the passion that we wanted to pursue. Our upcoming release for Autumn/Winter 2012 is a testament...

Light It Up With Flinch and Heather Bright

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I think I’ve finally made the transition into start-up brand guy overdrive. I’ve traded my sleepy mornings and tired afternoons with a morning shot of an energy drink and a cup of dubstep. For me, dubstep is the perfect track to jam along to while jetting to the 9-5. Likewise, I heard this ill track on my way to work last week called Light It Up by Flinch featuring Heather Bright. This track is brilliant I tell you. Dubstep fanatics, check this jam out!

Make Your Move

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Each one of us is capable of pursuing our goals, dreams, and what we want to do more of in our lives. When it came to running Fitted Life, I really had to take the initiative and make my move. If I wasn’t so persistant, this dream of mine wouldn’t be possible. So if you have a passion that means the world to you, remember, at the end of the day only you can turn your dreams into a reality.

Japan’s Finest Classics Takes Over Long Beach For JCCS 2012

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Last Saturday, we jammed over from Sacramento to Long Beach for this year’s Japanese Classic Car Show better known as JCCS. This year we were privileged to be one of the media sponsors for JCCS and we were more than welcome to help promote and cover the annual event held at Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA. This year, JCCS brought out some of the heaviest hitters shaping up the Japanese car culture of today. Utah based company JDM Legends drove all the way from their home state to join in with the shenanigans at Long Beach. These guys are definitely making it possible for people to own a classic Japanese car straight from the heart of Japan. Their company specializes in sourcing out hard to find old school classic from Japan and turning those cars into legal cars that can be driven on the U.S. streets. With the rise in popularity of old school Skylines, such as the Hakosuka or Kenmeri,...