Wrapping Up Production

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Last Friday we sent our last design to be printed for our Fall/Winter 2012 release. This collection is a very special and unique set that I’m proud to be a part of. This next set will showcase our roots and some of our hardcore followers from the beginning will notice certain details from when we began Fitted Life. It is a step forward from our previous designs and though I’d love to reveal the collection, it’ll have to wait. It’ll be quite the surprise I guarantee it. These new tees were heavily inspired by the experiences that I’ve gained while living here in California and abroad. Each tee holds details that reflect what Fitted Life is all about. It’s a positive mindset and life filled with amazing experiences. It’s about using each day to live your life to fullest and do more of what you’re passionate about. That’s Fitted Life,...

Aussie’s Classy And Mighty BMW E46

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Being a military brat, I had a chance to travel to some amazing places. From Hawaii to Japan, each place gave me a souvenir of memories that intertwined itself with Fitted Life. It was that sense that no matter where I was in this world, there was always something unique and fascinating out there. Even with our love of cars and style, depending on where you are located, the take on the idea is something personal to that place. Here in California we have a varying degree of car style from slammed hot rods to dropped and flushed cars, but elsewhere in the world, there is a different take on what auto styling embodies. Australia has been one of those places rich in car culture and diversity. Though I’ve never travelled physically to Australia, through photographers and writers featured here on Fitted Life, I’ve had a taste of the Australian car scene. With the help of...

A Dancing Crazy Bear & Tvardovskiy Does Gatebil 2012

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A few weeks back the epicness of Norway’s Gatebil went full force. My social media news feed was blowing up with fun photos of my buddies traveling to Gatebil as well as enjoying their time covering the event. While others took on a serious approach to editing their Gatebil film, my buddy Alex Kuzmichev covered the event with a crazy bear…a crazy dancing bear. haha. Well we always enjoy Alex’s videos and this one has to be one of my top favs. Enjoy the drifting and the fun road trip of Max Tvardovskiy as he tackles Gatebil 2012.

5 & A Dime’s 3RD Annual Motor Union Meet Showcases At San Diego

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Today marked 5 & A Dime’s 3rd Annual Motor Union meet at San Diego’s very own Green Flash Brewing Company. I must say despite this heat wave SoCal San Diego has been having this past week it didn’t stop attendees from enjoying the clear blue skies, gorgeous cars, and an ice cold brew. To hit off the event I went straight to the bar and had to get an ice cold goodness that is beer (of course!). It was a great venue, 5&D really stepped it up this year and really knew how to shake up the place to keep things interesting. HRE Wheels held raffles to the grand prize winner of a set of genuine HRE forged wheels which was pretty awesome. Another thing going around was the booth over at 9FIVE Sunglasses; “Smash your sunglasses and get a free pair of 9FIVE Sunglasses.” Unfortunate for me I didn’t have any sunglasses and didn’t want to smash a pair of prescription eyeglasses. Good...

Common Kings No Other Love Lights Up the Airwaves

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Thank God for the internet. Without it, running a brand would be a challenge and also without it, I wouldn’t be able to listen to all my favorite radio stations back on Oahu! Whenever I’m working on Fitted Life or crusing around town I like to jam to KCCN 100.3 FM or KINE-FM on 105.1 (which both stations I definitely recommend!). And thankfully for those stations I can catch up with all my favorite jams from the island. One band that has been ruling it on my local playlist is Common Kings which is actually from Orange County, but don’t let their county of origin fool you, these guys know how to jam island style. With lead singer JR King, Taumata Grey on guitars, Ivan Kirimaua on bass, and Jerome Taito on the drums, Common Kings offer a nice pallete of beats and soulful melodies. Their single “No Other Love” is their latest gem to hit the airwaves. With its...