The Real Deal With Hot Wheels

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Toys, cartoons, or playing video games can be a touchy subject in the States. Being involved with any three of those items can cast you in the nerd or the uncool kids category. Yet, somehow, even in my twenties, I’m affiliated with all three of those commodities (though for better or for worst, I haven’t played video games since my last year in college) and social life has still stayed intact. I even ended up running this sweet brand called Fitted Life. I’m a nerd and I’m practically fine with that. Besides, what kind of motor guy would I be if I wasn’t into Hot Wheels? Hot Wheels have been around forever and what’s cool about it is how easily we can relate to these 1:64 scaled cars. I haven’t been in the Hot Wheels game for so long, but even my recent pickups from 2011 to 2012 have left a nice note in my collector’s book. We see cars...

Nice & Slow By Tomorrows Bad Seeds

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Thursday Tune-Up, Music Monday, Tune-In Tuesday, and Friday Mashup have all failed horribly. With the crazy schedule of life, it’s difficult to regularly post music while working on designs for Fitted Life. But, no matter what, this brand is all about the music from around the world. So I won’t try to revive any music segments, but rather post music when I spot a fresh tune to share. While I was on Oahu, I heavily listened to the local radio stations such as KCCN FM100.3 and Island 98.5. Both stations played excellent tunes that you wouldn’t normally hear on the local mainland stations, so it was a great alternative from listening to the usual tunes played back in Cali. Likewise, when I got back to California, I couldn’t help but stream these radio stations on my computer or phone. While listening to FM100.3 on my drive to work, I heard a really catchy tune by a...

Shave Ice & Aloha Threads From Hawaii

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Last week I spent my time visiting Oahu, Hawaii, my birthplace and what I consider my true home away from California. It’s been years since I’ve been back home and I was so happy to head back. I only spent 5 days back home, but each day was filled with so many stories. Throughout my stay I captured the sights and sounds on my Nikon D700, but this time around I wanted to focus on video and I left the photo taking to my family. As much as possible I updated our Instagram (@fittedlife) with our travel updates, but aside from that it was trying to capture the motions, the culture, and all the little details of why I love Hawaii. I’m still in the process of editing the whole trip and I hope to have it ready before the end of the month. Stay tuned for the edit! While on Oahu we stopped by this great shave ice place in Haleiwa called Matsumoto Shave Ice. It was pretty good...

Drift Allstars Tackles Wimbledon Raceway For Round 2

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The tight oval arena surrounds me as I stand planted on one of the two middle islands, camera at hand. With noise reverberating from all around me, the arena begins to fill with smoke. The towering grandstands surrounding the track feel like they are closing in. The noise simply adds to the claustrophobic feeling as the smoke fills the air. The cacophony of engines at full chat rings all around, bouncing and echoing leaving you disorientated. The excitement builds inside me none the less, no time to second guess my reasons, and deep down inside I know this is what I’m here for! I get my bearing and turn to witness the sources of all this smoke and cataclysmic noise! The culprits are exiting the first of the sweeping bends of this unforgiving oval. To the uninitiated this sight must look crazy! However, the drivers in all this chaos are as calm as anyone while remaining completely...

10 Year Anniversary Logo Design Contest For Formula Drift

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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Formula Drift series, FD is holding a creative contest to find someone who can develop a unique and brand worthy design. The winning logo will be used as a supplemental logo in their advertisements which will also be featured on their own sponsored cars, merch, etc. So imagine that, your own piece of work being flown proudly among the champs of FD! The winner selected will receive a VIP trip to the FD finale which includes hotel and airfare accommodations. Aside from entrance to round 7, the winner will also be invited to the FD Awards Banquet held on October 14! So design heads and creative junkies, head over to Formula D to check out the full contest details! See you at Formula D!