Hot Rodding Through Summer

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Fitted Life is taking a huge turn from what it was last year, but it’s all good! I guess you could say we’re more open to a variety of petrol culture and we have respect for what interest us. Whether it be classic motorcycles or your latest drift machine, we’ve seem to taken interest on all things motoring. In fact, a month back I decided to swing by a small hot rod show. I’m not a huge fan of the American cars of today, but the 50’s and 60’s were loaded with streamline and beautiful cars! Back then, style, streamlined bodies, and power meant harmony to the auto makers of that era. It was a marriage of machine and aesthetics. Though I’m not a huge American car history buff, when I see a clean American car, it’s quite evident. When it comes to American classics, for me, the 50’s and 60’s were on point and some of the 70’s...

Thursday Tune Up // You Know Those Songs In Those Commercials

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Commercials nowadays are just on point with their soundtracks. Sometimes, I discover some pretty cool bands/artist through the beauty of advertisement and it’s really noteworthy. The commercials may range from automotive commercials to search engines, but one thing in common is that they feature some slick hits. Here are some of my favorite commercial soundtracks. The Submarines – Fire The Lumineers – Ho Hey Jenny O. – Won’t Let You Leave Generationals- Trust Royal Teeth – Wild Efterklang – Modern Drift Youth Lagoon – Afternoon Telekinesis – Gotta Get It Right...

Ton-Up at Ace Cafe London!

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With a few of the staff here at Fitted Life getting heavily stuck into Cafe Racer bike projects, I wanted to share with you all a bit about the legendary place where the English “Rockers” called home. ‘The Ace Cafe London,’ to quote its full title, can be found in North West London, alongside one of the older carriageways of the city, the ‘North Circular’. The Ace as it’s commonly known originally opened in 1938 as a transport Cafe to accommodate for the growing amount of traffic on the adjacent road network. During the 2nd World War, the Cafe was damaged during an air raid and in the late 40s, it was rebuilt and is now the design you see today. After the War is when the Ace really grew and gained its legendary status. The increase in traffic alongside the Cafe played a big part as well as the motorcycle culture in the UK which was growing rapidly. The British bikes were fast and...

Italian Cafe Racer Short Film “Milonga”

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Since we last chatted about our Honda CB550, it was running golden with it’s clean carburetor rebuild…well it was running golden while it was stationary and I was revving away at the throttle grip. However, with our initial shakedown with me piloting the bike, the bike bogged and died. At first, we tried giving it the electric start, but it wouldn’t budge. From that point on, I knew it was our battery giving us problems once again. Luckily enough, we had a back up starter aka kick-start! After a few kicks, she was back online and I rode her safely back to the garage only for it to bog down once again and die. So we’re off to debug this issue and we’ll definitely update you all with our progress. Until then, check out this sweet cafe racer video from Italy. Che bel...

Thursday Tune Up // Wobble Wobble Drop With Doctor P.

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Some people hate dubstep, but we love dubstep. I don’t even know how we all got hooked to dubstep, but the slow trance-like beats, drops, and all that wobbling just grabbed our attention. It’s different, it’s weird, and it’s great to play on a bad ass stereo system. Plus, somehow dubstep is now somewhat intertwined to the import and drift scene. I have no clue how that happened, but it did, QED. Anywho, check out Doctor P.’s full length dubstep mix that will definitely wobble us towards the weekend.