Thursday Tune Up // May 31st, 2012

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So we’ve been quite negligent on Music Monday, Friday Night Mix, and any other music segment that we tried to pull off. Rather than trying to feature artist by artist, we decided to scratch the complications and go for a simpler music feature. This time around we’ll be posting up a selection of music to get you through your week on Thursday Tune Up. We appreciate all breeds of music, so you get a get a variety of what’s spinning on our record player, mp3 player, or pc (so many gadgets I know, I know). Each Thursday will have a certain vibe to it which you can spin in your garage while you’re working on your motorcycle, car, or building the next best DIY creation. This Thursday we’re spinning the Blues. When I’m out in the garage working on my motorcycle, it feels relaxing when I hear the Blues. There’s that soul that creeps up on you and the...

Heading Back to Australia With Henry Luong’s EVO 8 MR

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Since we started back in 2010, we’ve come across people with interesting tales from around the world. Little or small, each tale taught us to live and make every second count. A couple of weeks back, a storyteller by the name of Chris Lim got in touch with us. He, like us, is a photographer who is passionate about cars, art, and photography. During the time he contacted us, he had a story in the works. He was working on a chapter that featured a clean EVO 8 MR. As a photographer, he fueled his story through pictures, but at the same time, Henry Luong, the owner of this proper EVO 8 MR, chimed in and told us his story about how his build came to fruition. Henry Luong: Back in high school during our lunch breaks, my friends would occasionally discuss what future car they would get, or plan to get when they got their licence. DC5R, FD RX7, SIL80, S15, V8, K20, SR20, RB26 were some...

2012 Drift Allstars Sparks Up At Round One

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Drifting is common place among motorsport today. The demos at various car shows throughout the year always attract huge crowds & they are simply a teaser of what you can expect at a dedicated race day! The excitement, the competition and the unforeseen events all come together to make it a day out that will truly excite you. But what’s better than a demo? To experience and feel the intensity of a drift championship such as Drift Allstars. Here in Europe, we get a chance to see some of the best driver talent across Europe battling it out in 6 rounds for the title of European Drift champion. As the competition gets fierce, the battles will eventually culminate towards the Nations Cup at Ceascesu’s Palace in Bucharest, Romania. Countries in this year’s season include the UK, Ireland, Romania, Hungary & Malta. It will be a truly international contest promising some...

Cowboy Dustin Kott Tinkers With Japanese Bikes Turned Brit Cafe Racer

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Dustin Kott looks like your typical hot rod guy, but rather than tuning old school cars to hot rods, we find him tinkering with Japanese bikes turned Brit. With the cult of Cafe Racers, the L.A. based bike builder has found a passion in the aesthetics of the British Rocker culture. The Cafe Racer to him symbolizes a style with a streamlined look that is built purely with the hot rod ideals. Through shaping metal, he turns old Honda CBs into a unique style reminiscent of the British Cafe Racer scene. Check out this feature video on Dustin Kott as he shapes metal into beauty.

Jukebox Jams: Chuck Berry and Rock N’ Roll

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We live in a world where music is constantly changing, sometimes good, but sometimes it gets overly dependent on autotune and certain record labels tend to look towards image over talent. But, there was a time when music was golden and imperfect. Yea, imagine that: perfection in the imperfection. I’m talking about the days when rock n’ roll was about cool guitar licks and awesome hair. There’s a bit of it today, sort of, but it is nothing like Chuck Berry. The first time I heard a Chuck Berry song was in the movie “Back to the Future” where Marty McFly takes the stage and plays “Johnny B. Goode”. I still remember this quote from Marvin in the movie, “Chuck! Chuck, it’s Marvin. Your cousin, Marvin Berry. You know that new sound you’re looking for? Well, listen to this!” It was such an iconic song that was played by the...