FOCUS // Yoshi Masuda, Coffee Enthusiast Provides Hope For Japan

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When we first started our FOCUS section, our vision was to seek out individuals that inspired us through their work, dedication, and their impact to the world around us. FOCUS was a project for the open minded. It was a project aimed towards all individuals who got up each day to make the most of their lives. It was a mission to find people using their energy to change the world. Last year, Japan was hit with the unthinkable. On March 11, 2011, an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 caused destruction and brought forth a tsunami that affected the lives of many in Japan. People lost their jobs, loved ones, and their homes. Rebuilding their lives was a challenge in its own respect. Yoshi Masuda, a coffee enthusiast with a love of classic American music, took action upon seeing the devastated areas of his beloved country. As a natural Samaritan, he reached out to the victims affected by the...

IN STUDIO // New Fitted Life Pieces Almost Here For Spring/Summer 2012

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As we near the end of February, we are preparing for the massive workload that March will bring us. Most of the staff will be running errands everywhere, anywhere, and we’ll be doing our best to keep you up to date with your favorite brand. March also marks a busy month for our clothing prep work as we’ll be shooting the 2012 Spring/Summer lookbook for Fitted Life. Though I’d love to shoot the lookbook in LA, it’s just not possible with the given time frame we have. Instead, we’ll be shooting the lookbook next Month in Sacramento with me and Tam. I’m really stoked about this shoot since it’s A) Our first lookbook for Fitted Life and B) it’s a photoshoot of course! We take passion and pride in our work and we love what we do. So all this March-insanity is really therapeutic for all us (or more like me). Likewise, if you haven’t...

MOTOR WORK // B&G Suspension 2nd Annual Meet

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Today marked B&G’s 2nd Annual Meet and Greet. This year’s attendance was absolutely better than last year’s coverage and after recently upgrading to a Canon 5D Mark II, this event was the perfect opportunity to test and capture awesome photos. As soon as I arrived, I already knew this turn out would be great. A lot of the regulars were in attendance as well as PANN’s very own S2K, but I’ve noticed a few new ladies in the lot. One car in particular was the Caterham 7. This one was definitely a car you don’t see every day. I briefly spoke to the owner and he says that this little beast makes about 170HP, which might seem a bit small, but consider the power to weight ratio — this monster can fly! Another car that took me by surprise was the first gen FB RX-7. My dad used to own this car (I wish he kept it), but this was one of the cleanest FB’s I’ve seen in a very...

ART & DESIGN // The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore Wins Oscar For Short Film (Animated)

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Tonight the 84th Annual Academy Awards brought out the best of the media industry including some of our favorite animators. This 2012, William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg takes home an Oscar for their animated short “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.” This tale of book lovers alike is one that I can closely relate to and through the talents of William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg, we get to experience an animated story that pays homage to old school techniques with a modern twist. Congratulation to the winners and check out their feature length film on...

MUSIC // Calling (Lose My Mind) Vocal Edit By Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso

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The 2012 electronic music scene is just getting better and better. We’re seeing some epic vocal edits with Afrojack last month and now another new one from two talented EDM producers. A week back BBC Radio 1 dropped the vocal edit of Calling by Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso. I was a huge fan of Calling when I first heard it and now hearing the vocal addition is mind blowing. Check out the latest tune and let’s keep more awesome EDM tunes heading our way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCzg8YZYxF8