DESIGN WEDNESDAYS // Sonoma Drift Winter Jam 2011

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This weekend I’ll be at Infineon Raceway shooting with Tam for Sonoma Drift’s Winter Jam 2011. This will be a pretty cool weekend as I get to test out my Nikon D7000 for filming. I’m a complete beginner when it comes to cinematography, but I love it. To prepare myself for the upcoming weekend, I studied different styles of automotive filming, especially that of UK based automotive show Top Gear. Their ability to deliver cinematography is exceptional. From the panning shots, to the epic wide angle scenes, it’s all aesthetics to me. That’s what I’m shooting for this weekend and also to bring a different flavor to our usual photo coverages. No worries for the photo enthusiast, as one of my best mates/co-photographers will be shooting alongside. Let’s see how the weekend...

MUSIC MONDAY // Don’t Be Fooled By Your Emptiness

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One month after its debut, I managed to score a copy of Kaskade’s “Fire & Ice.” By far, it has to be one of the most captivating albums I’ve ever listened to. I really liked the concept in which Kaskade offered two sides to each track. With the “FIRE” mix, you get the standard hard hitting electronic tracks. However, upon hearing the counter “ICE” mix, you enter a world of emotional melodies, gripping vibes, and a musical sense that feels so right. It’s amazing, uniquely pleasant and draws out your senses. I highly recommend this album and for today’s MUSIC MONDAY, Kaskade takes the spot with “Room For Happiness (ICE Mix).” Check it out and feel free to share the track with your friends. Photo via...

IN STUDIO // Fitted Life Imagined At Monaco 2012

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I’m on a design roll. I think it all started with the “Firecracker Mix” poster I did for Miki Taka. Oh, by the way, word on the street is that she’s making a new mix with a little “Firecracker” zest into it. Haha. Thanks Miki and I’m glad you were inspired by my doodles and noodles of artwork. As for this poster, I was inspired from the movie overload I indulged into last weekend. It all started with seeing “The Muppets” and grabbing a few laughs from our beloved Jim Henson’s creations. Next I saw the beautifully crafted “Hugo,” an inspirational and captivating movie that I highly recommend for all my friends with a creative mindset. Lastly, I finally saw Pixar’s “Cars 2,” which was another beautifully crafted film. From the plot to the overall imagery and concept of the movie, it was all...

AESTHETICS // Miranda Kerr x PERCHÉ Look Book 2011

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As photographers we’re thankful for many things. We’re thankful for DSLRs, Manfrotto tripods, and especially Victoria’s Secret models. I don’t think I’ve ever ran into another photographer who has NEVER dreamed about photo shooting a VS Model. With the upcoming Victoria’s Secret fashion show coming closer, photographers and non-photogs are getting in the holiday spirit with aesthetics. Here’s a video that my friend Tam shared with me which takes us behind the scenes of PERCHÉ Look Book 2011. VS supermodel Miranda Kerr graces the film canvas and we’re quite jealous of this shoot. Enjoy the film and have a nice Thanksgiving.


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Last week we kicked off “STAY POSI WEDNESDAYS.” Though the idea was pretty cool, I wanted to make our Wednesdays more design oriented and keep the topic open ended. So, once again, I introduce you all to our new replacement segment, “DESIGN WEDNESDAYS.” So today’s feature focuses on the upcoming holiday here in the States, Thanksgiving. Since we might be a bit busy over the next few days, I’d like to throw in what we, as a whole staff, are most thankful for this year in 2011. First off, we’re thankful for all our supporters. Without you all, this little place of ours wouldn’t be the awesome place it is. Second, thanks to all the people that we’ve ran across through the 2011 seasons. We’ve ran into a mix of people, for better or for worse, but without those encounters this site wouldn’t be as badass as it is. So thanks...