THE PISTON POST // Collection Zero Preview

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After months and months of preparation, we are proud to release Collection Zero. At first, I wanted to release our line back in September. However, I couldn’t leave out the small details or the finishing touches out. If we were going to drop our first line, we wanted to make sure we presented ourselves accordingly, with that proper mindset. Our tees are finished with a vintage touch. They are form fitting tees that fit much like your athletic tees. Also, because these tees are printed by hand, they have a different finish compared to a machine finish. In a way, each tee has a unique feel and print, all contributing to our handmade ideals. Some may disagree with the quality of a handmade finish, but I prefer the personal touch even if it makes the tees unique of each other. Another fascinating detail I included were the sewn on tags located at the bottom of the shirt. These were a...

DETAILS // A Prelude to Individuality

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The funny thing about this Honda has nothing to do about the car (of course it does!), it’s the driver. Why? Because the feature on this Black Beauty stumbled upon a Craigslist ad. That’s right a Craigslist ad and by that I don’t mean we put up an ad to see who gets featured on FL, it all happened by fate. A few weeks ago I put up a local ad to sell a telephoto lens I used during Formula Drift Round One coverage back in April and it so happened that the driver, Noel F. answered my ad. Little did I know what he rolled up in was this! I was pretty excited in shooting his car at the Starbucks parking lot we agreed to meet at. After snapping some quick shots I had to send these to Michael. Within seconds Michael texted back, “Can we feature it?” A little while later I got in contact with Noel again and asked him if he wanted to be featured on FL. Right away I...

DETAILS // Peugeot 106: Mix of Styles

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Autumn is here, the end of the UK show season is pretty much upon us but I’m not going to let all that stop me from getting out there & shooting as many cars as possible. I did a write up on a European car a while back, a Renault Clio. I found that the car itself wasn’t too popular with a lot of our readers, most likely because it wasn’t overly modified, but I liked the story & that’s why I wrote that one up to share with everyone. This time however I wanted to make sure I brought you all a European car that stands out among the crowd, something that obviously had a lot of time & effort put into it, where every detail has been decided upon with great thought to achieve the overall result. So when I saw this Peugeot 106 GTI rolling around my area I knew I had to get some shots of it. This was the car to truly show my American friends an example of...

MUSIC MONDAY // Avicii: Levels

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THE PISTON POST // Mechanics of Life

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When I started this brand back in July 2010, it was just another blog. I’ll be honest, the whole hype of blogging got me hooked. Fitted Life was just a place where I could share my personal opinions, photography, and interest. Little did I know, Fitted Life would be more than just another blog. Through the months, I reinvented this blog more than any other site I’ve known. I remember some of my closest friends joked about how our logo or site layout changed every month. I couldn’t help it, I was a perfectionist. My pursuit of aesthetics led me to constantly redesigning our space. In many ways, seeing our site change over the months was a reflection of my growth. For each experience I learned a little more about myself. I learned my capabilities as an individual and I understood the world a little better. I gained a better perspective of life while I saw my failures as...