SNAPSHOT // Driving the Escape

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12:05 PM. A little over the end of lunch break and I run into one of my coworkers at my office. His name is Will, an old man, yet young at heart and we’ve developed a good friendship for our passion of cars. We start talking about cars, motors, and upcoming races as he plans to enter the next NASA HPDE in September with his Corvette. I wish I could’ve recorded our conversation as it highlighted some interesting and inspiring words of wisdom. However, I’ll do my best to share his words of wisdom. Will is a wise man, wiser than all of the foolish young drivers I’ve known throughout my short life. Prior to working at our current company, he was a jet engine mechanic. He has rebuilt countless amounts of motors and is fond of details. Listening to his past experiences gave me a great feeling, one that rarely hits me. He is much like you and me, an underdog. He is...

PHOTO WORK // Nurburgring 24hr + Part 1

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I haven’t been able to write anything for a while as recently I seem to be making more enemies in the photography world than friends. Clearly, that’s not why I started doing all of this. I didn’t start so that people could openly put me down. I haven’t been trying to share with you all everything I’ve been up to, to the best of my photographic & writing abilities, so that I could be belittled by others. I’ve grown tired of the small mindedness of a large number of people in the various car scenes here in the UK, but it’s taken me a while to realize this. I even got to a point recently when I honestly thought I’ve completely had enough, the camera was going away, and I felt completely demotivated. People seem to think I do this for the pursuit of money, for the wanting to be noticed, & I want to make it clear now that’s not at all the case. There...

MUSIC MONDAY NIGHT // Metric + Gold Guns Girls

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I’ve been listening to a heavy dose of indie rock lately. I think it all started from watching all these longboarding and surfing videos. I just love the rawness of this type of music. It’s a bit different from the tracks that has been hitting mainstream radio. Here’s a pretty rad song I came across by Metric called Gold Guns Girls. The vibe is on point and it has the potential to find its place in my drift soundtrack. :. Mike

COVERAGE // Roseville Lollicup Snap Shots 2011

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I pick up the pen and begin to write. “Aesthetics is the philosophical branch of inquiry concerned with beauty, art and perception.” stated Paul Ford. Everyone’s idea of beauty differs from person to person. At times we find individuals with common ground, a common perception of beauty. However, what one considers beautiful may not be par with another’s taste. Do not fear rejection. I feel as if I’m getting too philosophical when I should be commenting on the meet. Nonetheless, I feel the need to address misunderstandings. Rejection. The sole word that everyone despises. It is a word unavoidable and sometimes can break a person down. It broke me down, but I hated staying on the ground and I wanted to get back up. Do not fear rejection. Do not fear if you’re not accepted by society or by an individual. Do not fear if things don’t make sense....

READER ROLL // Casper’s Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V

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I bought the car brand new in Aug/Sept 02 with 16 miles which I put 10 miles while test driving it. The car stayed stock for about a year and a half being that there wasn’t many aftermarket parts being made for it. Once I started modding the car I did the usual: intake, header, exhaust and lowering springs. But after awhile that wasn’t enough so while deployed on my 3rd tour I had the motor fully built and blueprinted. Also I had decided I wanted to make it a handle better so I stiffen up the suspension Nismo sway bars, lower tie bars, strut bars, and Ksport 36-way adjustable coilovers. After all this I really never got to drive the car that much due to deployments. So last year my buddy Nyshon Lanham was telling me about the fitment scene and instantly I fell in love with the way the style and the cars. But most of the cars Ive seen were 350, Evo’s, STI’s, and...