CONTEST // Sleepless In Seattle + Formula Drift 4 Pack Tix

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4th of July weekend. Finally. We’re in a gracious mood and we’ll be handing out Formula Drift tickets for the next round of Formula Drift at Evergreen Speedway. As with out previous contest, this is a Facebook exclusive contest. So if you haven’t liked our Facebook page, go for it. We’ll be posting up more details on our Facebook wall as the weekend approaches. Again, thanks for the rep readers and thanks to I Am Formula D for helping us out with the contest! :. Mike Cabuco

MUSIC MONDAY NIGHT // Frank Ocean + Swim Good

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I’m about to drive in the ocean I’mma try to swim from something bigger than me Kick off my shoes and swim good, and swim good Take off this suit and swim good, and swim good, good

PHOTO WORK // It’s Where The Heart Is – Part 1

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Well, I’ve been busy and that’s why I’ve not been posting a lot but there is a lot going on in the background which should lead to some amazing things in the future. I almost had a huge change of heart recently with regards to motorsports, drifting more specifically but then sometimes anything automotive. It’s difficult when cars have been my life and are my life to be so unenthused and down hearted. This tends to happen when you get screwed from pillar to post, from event organisers to large manufacturers, coupled by the fact that I’m not driving anything right now that is exactly inspiring. When it comes to drifting the pinnacle of drifting is Formula D in the USA but drifting in the UK is pretty small time in comparison with some events being disorganised to say the least. The best organisation and structure is definitely a toss up between ProDrift...

MUSIC // Laidback Luke Takes On Essential Mix

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So we’re heading back to our roots with Fitted Life by bringing back the art, style, music, and everything else that defines a culture. This site is dedicated to aesthetics, everything which pleases our eyes. Also a big part of our culture is the sensory detail, communication through music. Enjoy the new content and share away. I mentioned we would be bringing Music Mondays back, so to kick start this segment, let me introduce to you worldwide recognized DJ, Laidback Luke. This electronic DJ has been spinning the 1’s and 2’s lately in my head and I just can’t get enough. Laidback Luke took on BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix bringing out the best in his arsenal. I really enjoyed the 2 hour mix and it’s definitely worth the listen. Check out some fresh tracks with this 2 hour mix. Download and stream while it’s still available at Sound Cloud. :....

DETAILS // Supra Duper!

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It’s been a while…my excuse?!? A promotion at work, so it’s a winner for me but it meant I have been super busy getting to grips with the extra work. However it didnt stop me getting a look at Mark Smith’s MK IV Supra. Freshly shod in Work Mesiter S1’s,specs are Front: 18 x 9.5″ +24, Rear 18 x 11″ +22. They make the car imo. Now it’s not all about the wheels, Mark’s car started out as a standard N/A Supra. A transplant was needed so he turned to Checkpoint Garage to introduce the “proper” twin turbo lump into his Supra. 2JZ no shit!! With 345 BHP and minimal engine modifications. Transcal took car of his interior and Mark went for a super Ferrari red to offset the black exterior. White dials on the dash make warp speed easy!! The bodywork on the car is imaculate and has been treated to a lot of subtle changes and tweaks....