REP :: Cole Pemberton Takes On No Fear Extreme Energy Competition

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Hey everyone, help out our buddy Cole Pemberton, UK driver of the memorable camo drift bus Skyline, win a sponsorship with No Fear Extreme Energy! Like the page, then head over to this post/link, and like the video! FL reps ONLY the best, so let’s keep it classy. :. Staff


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It’s a Wednesday. 4AM. My alarm goes off. Bewildered I stagger out of bed, load up on an extremely strong dose of coffee, grab my previously packed gear & head out to the car. Another Drift What You Brung day was upon me. Once again just like the previous DWYB day I attended, I was heading down to meet the awesome couple Cole & Emma, who were heading up there in their Skyline R33 GTST’s ready for a full day of drifting. These guys are becoming regulars in my write ups. I’ve got to stop here and just say it’s because they are two of the coolest people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet through the UK Drift scene! So I want to take the time here to thank them for all their support with my photography and the fact they kart me and my gear up to Santa Pod every time I go to watch them skid. It’s all about real people, helping each other out and...

CONTEST :: FD Tickets x PBI

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The next round of Formula D is closing in and we’ll be throwing a contest this weekend for some tickets to the event. We’ll be offering tickets for two winners for main entry of FD’s Round 3 with help from our affiliate I AM FORMULA D. This is a Facebook exclusive contest so head over to our Facebook page, like us if you haven’t, and keep it locked on this weekend. :. Staff

PHOTO COVERAGE :: Road to FD x ATL 2011

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Passion, mania, addiction, appetite; as humans we all possess interests we savor. Waking up at 4:00 AM to make the media meeting 5 hours away in Braselton was way too easy. Knowing the days ahead would be difficult, I motivated myself to push because I would be combining my obsession for motorsport with my attachment to photography for the next 48 hours. Luckily, the ride was smooth with no problems and ended up arriving in Braselton, GA just in time to make the media briefing. This was my second time at Road Atlanta; I was confident and ready to begin the day. From the top of the hill I could hear loud music, I knew this was coming from the Paddock Area. Being my first Formula Drift attendance, I had no idea what to expect. Immediately, I could feel the atmosphere in the Paddock Area. Road Atlanta, in my eyes, offers the most fan friendly experience, creating a remarkable pre-drift...

DETAILS :: Braydon’s EK9 Civic

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As the Australian JDM car scene continues to grow faster and stronger with many of the classics becoming cheaper to both buy and mod, the over supply of the “same” has become quite evident. It has become much harder to set yourself apart from the dude parked next to you at the local meet with the strong exchange rates making parts much cheaper then only 2 years ago. Most will venture into buying bolt on parts but Braydon has pushed the envelope and bought his Honda to a level that many would not dare yet in Australia. I saw quite some months prior some pics Braydon had taken and placed on Facebook of some shaving work of the engine bay he was working on. I was totally taken back by these images and just couldn’t take my eyes away from it. At this point, it wasn’t even close to being finished! There has been plenty who have “detailed” there engine...