CONTEST :: 2011 Formula Drift Atlanta Tickets

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So from here on out we are partnering with I Am Formula D to provide you with exclusive coverage as well as free tickets. If you all remember, we first co hosted this contest on our Facebook page. However, to make things easier on all of us, head over to I Am Formula D and register your chance to win tickets for Formula Drift at Atlanta. Good luck everyone. :. Michael Cabuco

(Last-Minute) NEWS :: Tesla Coils and the Model S

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So it’s been a week since we’ve posted anything on the site, let alone posted any cool photos on the Facebook page. Rest assured, the site is still alive and kicking. However, we’re just doing a little reorganizing at FL. Anyways before I get side tracked let’s talk Tesla. Yesterday, I was riding along with my cousin and he mentioned the Tesla factory off to the side in Fremont, CA. Now for those of you familiar with the building, it used to be the Nummi plant which manufactured Toyota and GM vehicles. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you see it), the plant shut down and reopened as a Tesla manufacturing center. Tesla was one of the companies I wanted to work at right after college. For one, it’s basically my department: electrical engineering. Also, my mechanical background in working with cars paved a perfect path to this company. However,...

PHOTO COVERAGE :: 2011 Drift Sonoma x The Cream Life

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Alright, flashback about 2 weeks ago, The Cream Life team came up with an idea to host a car show and drift event every other Wednesday. After some talks with the guys at Infineon, next thing I know we were out promoting and setting everything up for an event in a week and a half. We were looking for sponsors, making flyers, setting up where photogs can go, etc. I was honestly surprised at the amount of positive response we got and in such quick fashion. For a car show, setting up a week and a half before the show is quite a feat, so the turnout we were expecting was clearly exceeded. The emails we were getting for people wanting to drift in the event was pretty crazy. However, it was promising as we could expect more drifters for the upcoming events. Alright now back to the event day. The Cream Team and I met up at around 11AM and headed down to Infineon. After setting everything up...

PHOTO COVERAGE :: Formula Drift: Tailyr’d At Long Beach

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When you look at coverage from Formula Drift Long Beach, the full layout is never completely visible, leaving you curious about it’s setup. For the past few years, Long Beach is the one track I’ve ALWAYS wanted to experience. It’s all walls, completely opposite of any other course in Formula D. Not only is it a different type of track, it’s set up for the Grand Prix – on the closed streets of downtown Long Beach. This season, I’m one of the two spokesmodels for Nexen Tire. The Nexen Tire team consists of drivers: Kyle Mohan driving the Mazda RX8, Cyrus Martinez in the Nissan 240 S13, Alex Pfeiffer in the Nissan 350z, and Taka Aono & John Russakoff in Toyota Corollas. Arriving at the track on Saturday, I headed straight to the Nexen booth. Gates hadn’t opened yet so I started helping tie up Nexen tees to toss out later in the day. We...

PHOTO COVERAGE :: Formula Drift Long Beach: Family

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My first time attending Formula D. Sweet. Thanks to my cousin Michael for giving me the opportunity to get close to the action all while working on some clean shots for Fitted Life. I was a bit unsure on what to expect. I left San Diego at 4:00AM to pick up my cousin at LAX airport so we both can head to Long Beach to shoot for the site. It’s always good to be with family and catch up and Michael is one of my cousins I really vibe with. We share a lot of the same insight and proper mindset. It runs in the family. To start off we hit Long Beach around 8:00AM missing part of the media meeting, but that’s okay as we improvise and do our best by providing jaw dropping coverage while shining some light on what we’re all about. Being real with you all. Many people come to Formula Drift to cheer on their favorite drifter, drool over beautiful models or just soak in the...