Fresh From the PNW :: Say Hello To BThai!

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Well hello all! What a crazy year we had. 2010 flew by so fast that my pants aren’t even on yet haha. Anyhow, my name is Brandon but most of Washington loves to call me BThai. No argument there, though I never really had a nickname growing up. Plus BThai is actually pretty cool. Moving on now, I reside in the lovely state of Washington, born and raised! I will always love Washington no matter how crazy the weather is here and how terrible the drivers are. I will gladly put up with that stuff for the amazing atmosphere we have and the breathtaking scenery that exists here that nowhere else has. Now back to my life, I’m a simple kid with a complex mind, I seem to be laid back very often, but in reality I work hard at the things I love. Things I love include photography and boy do I love it. I’ve always been fascinated with the world of art and how simple looking pieces...

Happy Holidays From Fitted Life

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As we are weeks away from the new years, we want to wish everyone happy holidays from the FL staff! Hopefully, all our readers get everything you wished for, whether it be a Ferrari F430 bundled in your garage or merely the exotic out of stock Gran Turismo 5. Whatever it is, be merry, be happy, and be glad. Enjoy the day, relax, and get ready for 2011. We got tons of amazing things in store for you all. We promise. :. Michael Cabuco Photo | Martin

FILM :: Joshua Herron Does Gymkhana GRID

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Ken Block’s Gymkhana Grid – Irwindale, California from Joshua Herron on Vimeo. A few weeks back I briefly met Joshua Herron, a regular to the drift scene and a gifted filmmaker as well. He was shooting video of the day’s event and has finally posted it up for our viewing pleasure. The soundtrack that accompanies this film really fits the mood and does justice to the emotions carried out throughout the day. Good vibe, good people, and good company. Peep the moments and check out Joshua’s latest flick featuring Gymkhana GRID. :. Michael...

PHOTO Roll :: Thunder Drift’s Team Tandem Battle Extras

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Rather than regurgitating my Drifted.com post, this post features a selection of photos and commentary by yours truly, that really made the day. From Virgil Brosseau’s wheel escapade to the fun loving judges being quite the characters, spot all the photos here. Let us all share the memories and revisit Thunder Drift’s Team Tandem Battle. Meet Mason Delapp, businessman, entrepreneur, and certified cool guy. This guy basically went to all the places that I should have gone too while I was still living in Japan. Check out the photo below. Does that drop look familiar? That my friends is the beloved Irohazaka, famously know for its endless hairpin turns. It was pretty cool to see the drop that all the Initial D video game fanatics aim for. Another neat thing about Mason is that he is very familiar with the Japanese culture and the language. On his spare time he even translates...

PHOTO Collab :: Thunder Drift’s Team Tandem Battle | Drifted.com

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So earlier this week, I met up with Jordan Butters of Drifted.com and was invited to guest blog on their site. This would be a great opportunity for everyone, so I decided to share our Norcal drift shindigs to the world. Thank you Jordan for allowing to me write on Drifted, it was definitely a pleasure. View the main article at Drifted.com! Also stay tuned for more pictures of the event later this week! :. Michael Cabuco