Film >> Hype! Ken Block’s Gymkhana GRID Commercial

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Since the last round of Formula Drift, I’ve been missing Irwindale with a passion. Fortunately, this weekend Ken Block’s Gymkhana GRID Invitational makes its way to Irwindale. There will be plenty of familiar faces from FD including your beloved photogs from Motor Mavens, OMGDrift and our team will be out there as well. We’re all hyped up as much as this commercial and we can’t get enough of it. Check out the promotional video as we wait for Saturday. See you all at Irwindale friends! Source | OMGDrift.com

Photo Roll >> Thunder Drift After Session Vol.1

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After Super Am Round 2 ended, tandem/open session kicked off. I used this time to test out my slow shutter speed techniques inspired by photogs Linhbergh Nguyen and Larry Chen. Alright, before we get to the juicy part of this post, here’s my lame confession. Before shooting Formula Drift at Infineon, I had no clue who these two were. *runs behind desk while colleagues gather loads of things to throw at me* Yea, well my bad. haha. I guess I came to the game a bit too late. Which brings me to lame confession #2. I haven’t properly introduce myself to either of these two. Bah. I swear, I’ve shot two Formula D events and I still haven’t said “Hey.” Welp. There’s always future motoring events. Haha. Anyways, so if you’ve followed Lindbergh’s photos, he did this pretty cool slow shutter session on his Infineon set. The motion blur shots...

Film >> Oh One Oh Trailer | Wreck ‘Em Productions

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Wreck ‘Em – Oh One Oh Trailer from Mez Productions on Vimeo. This latest flick is brought to you by Mez of Australian based film crew Wreck ‘Em Productions. Mez gives viewers a look at the Aussie drifting scene while keeping it all fun. Despite some obstacles that Mez faced during filming, he managed to produce a clean drift sequence. Check out the trailer to Oh One Oh which debuts late December 2010. :. Michael...

Happy Gobble Gobble Day

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On Turkey day, we’re thankful for drifting, photography, opportunities and of course, our FL readers. From the FL staff to all, we extend our thanks with a sliding hachi. Feel free to download the 1920×1080 Slidin’ Hachi wallpaper and have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Car Spotlight >> Yuta Akaishi’s Datsun 240Z

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Last time I spotted Yuta Akaishi’s car was at JCCS a couple months back. Since then it has a new look, but retains that bad ass appeal. Known for its slammed status, the shakotan scraper is possibly the reason I want a Datsun. As I said in my previous post, classics have been getting the best of me. Maybe it’s due to the rarity of these fitted classics cruising the highway. And, in some ways it is a lost art to newer production. Though the classics have diminished in overall numbers, it hasn’t stopped the enthusiast from building timeless pieces. I mean, if any of you get a chance to swing by JCCS next year, it’s such a pleasure. Seeing so many clean classics in one place, well the feeling is overwhelming. It’s nice seeing S30s like Yuta’s still repping the nostalgic feeling. A proud feeling that classic owners and enthusiasts share. :. Michael...