Subaru Impreza | FORMAT67.NET

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From the early days of my Vimeo viewing, I found this neat video showcasing the Subaru Impreza Sti. Back then, I was so determined to get a Subaru right after college and seeing this video just fueled my intentions. However things came up and I didn’t get one, but it still hasn’t shattered my dreams of owning one some day. Subaru Impreza by FORMAT67.NET from FORMAT67.NET on Vimeo.

Fitted Life x Checked! IN GEAR Vol.1 Teaser

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Today I shot and edited the first Fitted Life Vol.1 teaser. We are shooting film all next month and we will release Vol.1 by parts on Vimeo. In Vol.1, you’ll get to see a little bit of drifting, back road cruising and more to come. Vol.1 will highlight our journey through the FL culture and showcase our shenanigans. So stay tuned people! Fitted Life Vol.1 Teaser from Michael Cabuco on Vimeo.

Sticker Sightings | #002

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Sent in by a reader from Socal. I’m loving the sideway sticker placement. Let’s see these stickers make it all over the world!

XDC NJ 2010 | Kenny Cano

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Kenny Cano shot some superb footage of Xtreme Drift Circuit at Englishtown, NJ. I don’t want to spoil the footage for you, but hands down, my favorite part has to be the initial shot. You’ll see what I mean in a little bit. Check out XDC at NJ by Kenny Cano. XDC NJ 2010 from Kenny Cano on Vimeo.

Film | ASB-X | The MOB Theory

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Here is the latest video from The MOB Theory featuring the Slide Assassins at ASB-X. It looks like they had a rad time drifting and partying all throughout ASB weekend. This is one event we need to hit up. ASB-X from The MOB Theory on Vimeo.