240SX S14 IACV Removal and Cleaning

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If I could go back in time, I would beg Nissan to let me design the 240sx engine bay. I don’t believe the Nissan engineers thought this one out carefully. For one, the engine bay is so cramp. I think they threw in a couple of unnecessary brackets just to fill in the gaps. Plus, the placement of some parts are in the most awkward places. Don’t get me started on where they placed the crank angle sensor. It took me a full day just to get to it. I also had to use the most intricate tools just to pull that one out. Anyhow, trying to remove the IACV without the motor pulled would be a hair pulling task. I dare to find out. There it is. Tucked in the darkest depths, there lies the IACV. By the way, if you don’t know what the IACV is, it stands for Idle Air Control Valve. The IACV controls how your car idles. If the IACV is clogged, the car will bog and die. That was the...

[UPdate]: The Wheel of Stickers!

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The new stickers came in today. They come in 5″ x 1.5.” Unfortunately, these stickers will not be available for sale in the Fitted Life store. BUT, these stickers are…FREE! If you run into me, I’ll be happy to hand you a sticker. I also wouldn’t mind mailing these out. Just send me a message via the Contact Us page, and if I still have some left I’ll be sure to send one out. So keep a look out for more freebies from fittedlife.com.

[UPdate]: Jun.26.10

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Hey, what is up everyone? First off, thank you all for your continual support and your visits! It is a pleasure to write for you all. Since my last update post, I’ve changed around the categories and the material presented on Fitted Life. A couple of weeks ago, I started Cabuco’s Corner which is my personal blog. Aside from starting my personal blog, there is a new category called Checked! In Gear. This category outlines the cars and bicycles section, pretty much anything gear head related will be found here. Under the Fashion category, I’ve added the new Beauty x Talent section. This is the replacement section for the Model section. I felt that Fitted Life represented talent and motivation and not just pretty faces. I didn’t want to focus on the general model society, but rather highlight beauty paired with talent. From now onward, Fitted Life will be seeking...

First Drive: 2010 Subaru Legacy

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I had the privilege of driving our rental car a 2010 Subaru Legacy. I haven’t driven an all wheel drive chassis, so I did not know what to expect. From what I’ve heard from other drivers, the AWD allows for quick launches from the start. I’ve seen the videos of the Subaru Impreza STI launching faster than a bullet, but can its fellow Subaru mate deliver a similar attribute? The Legacy I drove was a CVT based design, where drivers could switch between automatic and manual. Being the gear head, I opted for the manual mode. Another cool feature of the Legacy was the column paddle shifters. I’ve played with other manual/automatic cars which had knob shifters, but this was my first time with paddle shifters. The Legacy’s paddle shifters reminded me of my old Gran Turismo 4 game controller. Unlike my GT4 controller, the Legacy’s paddle shifters were firm...

Simply Clean

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Just like its predecessors, the Simply Clean movement is all about keeping cars fitted and ensuring builds are not overdone. Staying fitted and proper stance is the name of the game. Also the culture that revolves around the gears is kept in check and not left out. Shout out to the scene over there and keep up the good work. Check out Bluemotion’s amazing footage of the Simply Clean meet in Florida. Video still courtesy of Bluemotion and...