The RWB Porsches

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Awhile back, before my blog crashed, I wrote a feature column about RWB’s Penthouse Porsche. Since that post resides in blog heaven now, I thought I’d write another post about RWB. If you are familiar with the Rauh Welt shop, then you know that they mean business. They build some of the finest Porsches ready to hit the track. All their builds come standard with a beefy motor, roll cage ready interior and an overkill amount of gauges. They’re track stars at heart yet keep it real with styling. Even if they dirty up the track, these cars can still look clean. Here are some of the RWB Porsches, including the notorious Penthouse Porsche. Photos courtesy of Mike Garrett. Speedhunters. Apr.29.10....

Supercars Go Green

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I couldn’t see myself driving a hybrid. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for environmental consciousness, but most hybrids look tacky, too futuristic and run too slow. However, if hybrids looked like supercars, I’d change my mind in a heart beat. Ferrari unleashed the 599GTB HY-KERS Hybrid Concept at the Geneva Auto Show this year and it’s a beauty. The car retains the distinctive features of a Ferrari, the clean lines and smooth contour. The distinguishable Rosso Corsa paint job is replaced with an eco friendly shade of green. Also a 100 hp electric motor complements the standard 599GTB motor. With this setup, Ferrari claims the HY KERS’ can launch from 0 to 124 mph in a mere 7.5 seconds while still remaining green. Likewise, Porsche partook in the hybrid game by showcasing their 918 Spyder Concept. The Porsche qualifies itself as a hybrid with its 500 hp V8 paired with two electric...

Ralph Lauren’s Car Collection

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From a 1955 Mercedes SL Gullwing to a Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic, Ralph Lauren’s car collection breathes elegance. Discovery channel hosted an excellent special featuring Lauren’s car collection. I was amazed at the quality and rarity of the cars. Aesthetics, performance, and uniqueness fuel Lauren’s distinct collection. He is a man whose car preference lies in quality rather than quantity. I adore his timeless car collection and how his affection for cars transposes into his clothing line. The sleek lines of his 1958 Ferrari 250, Testa Rossa, mimic Lauren’s taste for beauty. Among the many car collections, I find the designer’s collection to be breathtaking and priceless. Below are some of my favorites from Ralph Lauren’s exquisite car collection. Photo. Auto Blog. Apr.7.10....